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  1. pfSense & ProxMox Remote Access

    The safest way is to create a VPN and allow access to the subnet that your Proxmox hosts lie on. OpenVPN Appliance is free for up to 2 concurrent users and is very easy to set up in a Virtual Machine in Proxmox if you so desire. Of course, if this user needs to restart Proxmox host then the...
  2. install VM w10 x64 with proxmox 4.4

    Hmm I've never tried to install Windows 10 as a VM. What drivers specifically is it complaining about? If you're installing to a virtiodisk then you would need virtio drivers. If you're using virtio network card then you need the NetKVM. You can just point whatever drivers are required...
  3. install VM w10 x64 with proxmox 4.4

    I found this video to be very helpful on my Windows 7 VM install.
  4. Upgrade to 4.4-2 broke Proxmox

    An interesting thought is that if you guys add an "Update" button which essentially does apt-get update && apt-get upgrade && apt-get dist-upgrade, with a notice to restart, would that solve a lot of problems for people who don't know and your own staff who continually has to answer this same...
  5. Resizing a VM HDD

    You can only shrink raw files. Backup by copying the disk (if you have space...) Make sure your OS partition is not any larger than the size you're shrinking to. In your case it shouldn't be. If you use qcow2, first you have to convert: qemu-img convert vm-100.qcow2 vm-100.raw Then...
  6. Is renaming a cluster node in a 4.4 cluster possible?

    I was able to do it, though I don't fully remember what I did cause it was a stressful situation. I did have an issue at first where I had two nodes showing up in GUI, one with old hostname, one with newhostname but without anything working.... then I went through and changed everything I could...
  7. Change Cluster Nodes IP Addresses

    Thanks for all the help so far. I'm planning on changing the iSCSI host's IP as well. Is the recommended action to change the IP address in /etc/pve/storage.cfg? I also saw this thread with someone who successfully removed and re-added the iSCSI target and LVM group via GUI.
  8. Change Cluster Nodes IP Addresses

    Hey wolfgang, thank you so much for the assistance. I do have one question. When I check the corosync.conf file, I notice an IP address which I have not assigned myself, from what I recall: totem { cluster_name: Cluster1 config_version: 6 ip_version: ipv4 secauth: on version: 2...
  9. Change Cluster Nodes IP Addresses

    I'd like to change the IP addresses of our two notes (2 node cluster). I wanna make sure I'm not missing anything critical. Is it as simple as changing each node's Network Settings via the GUI and rebooting?
  10. Bug - PVE Cluster: VNC error on node

    For some reason this just started happening to me as well since a few days ago. I didn't update Proxmox at all, so I can't imagine it's a proxmox issue. TASK ERROR: command '/bin/nc6 -l -p 5900 -w 10 -e '/usr/bin/ssh -T -o BatchMode=yes <ip address> /usr/sbin/qm vncproxy 303 2>/dev/null''...
  11. Resize disk on LVM Storage via iSCSI

    Well I somewhat successfully resized the logical volume by using lv -resize -L 25G /dev/VMStorageGroup/vm-###-disk-1 Within Proxmox, it shows a 25G, and also within the VM it shows the same. The only odd thing is that if I use systemrescuecd and open Gparted, I can still see the original...
  12. Resize disk on LVM Storage via iSCSI

    Okay some progress. After some googling, the disks are links to device used by the LVM. Still the question remains how to resize these....
  13. Resize disk on LVM Storage via iSCSI

    I'm running about the latest install, though I don't think it's pertinent to this question. There's an iSCSI share (from FreeNAS) that is mounted to a datacenter and shared in a cluster of two hosts. I created all VM disks on this LVM. pvdisplay shows: --- Physical volume --- PV Name...
  14. Verifiying Backups

    Oooo I didn't think about that. Thanks for the heads up. Now I understand why you mentioned that specifically.
  15. Verifiying Backups

    Thanks for the feedback. I didn't know at all how I could accomplish this, but now I get what verification can mean. My only thought was similar to what LnxBil mentioned: There would be a VM with a disk size large enough to restore any backup. Then, I would have to manually restore each...


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