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  1. Module Auto Proxmox WHMCS

    Just remember that you get what you pay for and modules garden has been around alone time and while its expensive... it automation. So if your just starting off then just have whmcs email you when a customer places an order and then you can process it when you have time to manually deploy a...
  2. High IO delay

    Here are some of my thoughts. If you must use hard drives ensure that they are SAS not SATA and have 10K+ RPM's. 15K's are better. The faster you can spin the disk the more io it can handle. It still will not be much as HDDs are just slow. You would need to throw more HDD's to get better...
  3. Increasing Backup Speed?

    What directly relates to the slow chunk verification speed?
  4. Increasing Backup Speed?

    After the CPU has been upgraded. Uploaded 562 chunks in 5 seconds. Time per request: 8914 microseconds. TLS speed: 470.51 MB/s SHA256 speed: 265.23 MB/s Compression speed: 444.40 MB/s Decompress speed: 726.08 MB/s AES256/GCM speed: 788.28 MB/s Verify speed: 193.03 MB/s...
  5. PMG Suitability and recommendations for customer / prospect

    Here is my example company. It's an apartment management company that has 500 employees. 400 of them are leasing agents that constantly respond to issues from residents that live at their various locations. With everyone using one of the shared email services (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook...etc.) you...
  6. Multiple VLANs on Bond Bridge

    vmbr0 is my management interface and no VM assigned to that interface. vmbr1 is where all the VM's attach to. I never had any issue with OVS, it performed fine, but I got a wild hair one day and decided that why have an extra level of complication to my setup. So I removed it.
  7. Multiple VLANs on Bond Bridge

    With PVE Linux bridges you have two scenarios that I will outline below. 1. Bridge Vlan aware - You're not tagging in the VM configuration inside of PVE, but applying the tag inside the OS networking. 2. Standard Bridge - You can tag with the VM configuration inside of PVE. This is the same way...
  8. PMG Suitability and recommendations for customer / prospect

    @velocity08 Here is an image from one of our HA clusters. It has about 30 small domains on it.
  9. VM disk performance

    Ah PVE 5.3... Once you get to PVE 6. there are some changes that might help. Getting rid of those IDE drives may help as well.
  10. VM disk performance

    Ok just making sure it wasn't windows that that is a different ballgame and I've found that different versions of the virio drivers for windows can show different speeds.
  11. VM disk performance

    If the ide disk is being used for anything other than a cdrom you will have bad performance. I would make sure your using virio scsi not the old virt io block that you have. Enable write back cache. Enable io thread and see how your performance goes. You didn't say what os the VM is.
  12. Increasing Backup Speed?

    How do I increase the TLS speed? Is this still directly related to the process or other tweaks.
  13. Increasing Backup Speed?

    Just to post a benchmark before the CPU's are upgraded I ran this on the PBS server against itself. Uploaded 107 chunks in 5 seconds. Time per request: 47380 microseconds. TLS speed: 88.52 MB/s SHA256 speed: 202.00 MB/s Compression speed: 337.06 MB/s Decompress speed: 561.61 MB/s AES256/GCM...
  14. Selective Restore Feature

    That is correct @Matthi. Inside of VE is where I would like selective restore.
  15. Selective Restore Feature

    Can we ask for a selective restore for VM's with multiple disks? Use case: 1 VM with 2 Disks. Disk 1 OS and Typical files - 200GB Disk 2 Data storage for application - 1TB If the corruption for the VM is only in the OS disk I would like the ability to selectively restore just the OS disk...


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