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  1. Starting node takes 10 minutes... before boot

    Can you pls start this VM via CLI and paste output here?
  2. Starting node takes 10 minutes... before boot

    Did you try start node from CLI? Do you use external mounts like nfs?
  3. Loading kernel modules... ERROR: could not insert 'configfs': Exec format error

    I lost quorum in cluster (without touch). I dont know why, because only 3 nodes from 16 are affected with this problem, and after reboot affected nodes, cluster goes to hell. Corosync processes growing in memory to full utilization of available ram (64gb ram on server, and corosync process have...
  4. Loading kernel modules... ERROR: could not insert 'configfs': Exec format error

    I have same problem, but my cluster (with 16 nodes) has broken and i must restart nodes with 2.6.32-37 kernel. After reboot broken nodes i must restart cman and corosync on all nodes. That is problematic when cluster have 300+ virtuals. This problem becomes very often, when i running on kernel...
  5. Jessie and 3.10.0 OpenVZ kernel and the future

    OpenVZ kernel for 3.10 is already here > but still is under development :/
  6. Slow Network, High CPU Usage, Large data files,

    What kernel do you use? Did you try 3.10? Check, if server has installed irqbalance and check context switches and interupts.
  7. /dev/mapper/pve-root full

    Or try this method
  8. High CPU-load kipmi0

    I have same problem with dell servers and proxmox v3. When i'm restart iDrac, kipmi goes to 100%
  9. /dev/mapper/pve-root used 100%

    Try this
  10. ksoftirqd/0 high cpu usage

    have you installed irqbalance? install from More info in /proc/interupts
  11. proxmox 3.2 new installation and unable to start VMs

    You dont have virtualization support, or its not enabled in bios.
  12. root partition "full"

    Try this: Create dir in for example /mnt/temp-root mount /dev/pve/root /mnt/temp-root du -shx /mnt/temp-root/* The most situation, when is at to root mounted another file system like pve-data has no reporting data "under" the mount.
  13. Clean install proxmox

    do you have enabled virtualization in bios? or you cpus have virtualization support?


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