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  1. Win2K + Guest Storage Driver

    I've been trying every version of the VirtIO drivers I can find on the web, but I'm unable to get a hard drive on Win2K to run VirtIO. I'd like to avoid IDE as I've heard it's a performance penalty. Does anyone have experience installing windows guest drivers on Win2k? BTW, I can get guest...
  2. Package Problems

    I've recently installed a fresh copy of Proxmox 2.0 Beta 3 and ran into trouble installing some packages. Here are some errors after various commands # apt-get update ..... .... Hit squeeze/pve amd64 Packages Fetched 1,672 B in 0s (2,540 B/s) Reading package...
  3. Guest VMs & 2 Host NICs on 2 Subnets

    I think I get it, you are saying that from the guests perspective the host eth1 adapter is assigned to the guest as eth0.
  4. Guest VMs & 2 Host NICs on 2 Subnets

    Thanks for the tip udo but I'm hung up on something. I've tried create a debian container (OpenVZ) and attempted to assign it VETH on eth1 using vmbr1 as shown... But I get this as result...notice vmbr1 (which is assgined to eth1) is actually listed with eth0 here! I've tried to set...
  5. Guest VMs & 2 Host NICs on 2 Subnets

    I have a host server with two physical nics each on a different subnet.... 10.1 & 172.16 Can someone point me to a resource explaining how to get these configured on the Host so that I can tell my VMs (both OpenVZ and KVM) which subnet to join? I'm reading the wiki article "Network Model"...
  6. Multiple Monitors

    I was wondering about Quemu and how KVM fits in but I ran across this post It indicates that Qemu supports multiple monitors on Xanerama? A X windows system for Linux if I understand correctly.
  7. Multiple Monitors

    So there are a couple of ways that Windows support multiple monitors I got it. What I wonder is what is required to product multi monitor support on a guest VM running Windows. In all the examples that I've googled, one needs Windows to "see" multiple displays. Consider the first screen shot...
  8. Multiple Monitors

    I guess speaking more generally, how can a user on a desktop with two physical monitors (linux, windows you pick) connect to a VM Guest and fill both monitors with that VM Guest desktop. Where does this responsibility lie? On the Virtual Server (KVM, XEN) or the Protocol (RDP, ICA, SPICE, VNC)?
  9. Multiple Monitors

    "Windows RDP has nothing to do with KVM" I'll rephrase to see if I can make this request more clear. 1. Windows 7 supports publishing multiple "monitors" over RDP so long as the local desktop/graphics card has multiple heads. 2. KVM hosts Windows 7 VMs 3. How do I get a guest Windows 7 VMs...
  10. Multiple Monitors

    Hey guys, I've searched the Forums and the Interweb but have not yet found a way to support multiple monitors on KVM. In short, I've got Windows 7 VMs that I'd like to make available to other Windows 7 users via RDP that supports multiple monitors. Windows 7/RDP supports this, how can I make...
  11. virtualbox

    I'm working with Windows XP SP1 and SP2 hosted on an Ubuntu 9.10 Desktop install running VM 3.08. Proxmox is on a Dell T300 using the 1.5 Proxmox bare metal installer. I'm able to convert the VDI files used by Virtualbox to .IMG raw files. I then copy them over to Proxmox via SSH where I...
  12. virtualbox

    I see that I can convert the images in principle... but when I try to replace an existing .raw or .qcow2 image on an existing ProxMox virtual server with my converted image, my Windows Boot fails with a Blue Screen of Death...
  13. virtualbox

    I've got a number of Windows virtual servers on Ubuntu/Virtualbox. Can I convert them to run on Proxmox (KVM)?


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