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  1. how to config the 2nd NIC as DHCP

    Hey all, Bit of a beginners question. I have a 2 NIC motherboard. One port is used for proxmox( and all of its CT's and VM's. The other is unused. My router has all the ports full so i would like it use the free NIC for general networking purposes. So whatever i hook up to it...
  2. Cifs mounted Datastore: Do or dont?

    Think ill stick to the old method. Else its just an extra layer of complexity in my simple homelab.
  3. Cifs mounted Datastore: Do or dont?

    Is it worth the hassle of setting up this config? I have a simple vzdump task running nightly now. Does it copy/write less each backup with PBS? Or does it copy everything and does the dedup on? I have the spare room so i dont mind non-dedup
  4. Cifs mounted Datastore: Do or dont?

    Obviously the answer is NO, but what can i expect? Say i have this: 1. PBS installed as VM in PVE 2. Cifs mount inside PBS to other (non PVE) machine with disks attached 3. Backup PBS seperately to non-PBS location 4. Backup the rest of VM&CT to PBS When PVE dies, and it takes PBS with it can...
  5. Ghost VM disk?

    thank you! I thought i had messed something up
  6. Ghost VM disk?

    Sorry for the confusion. I see it in /dev indeed. But i would like to see it in shell, just so i understand etc. Or is it normal for proxmox to 'hide' it? and thank you for making time to respond to my question!
  7. Ghost VM disk?

    nothing ;) but how can i fix this? I just used zfs create TANK/proxmox/VMdisks. The same as the other one CTdisks, which shows up fine. is there a mount all or something i can use? Sorry im a bit new to this. learning as i go root@pve:/TANK/proxmox/VMdisks# zfs get mountpoint...
  8. Ghost VM disk?

    thank you for responding. Here is your requested info: dir: local path /var/lib/vz content backup,vztmpl,snippets,iso shared 0 zfspool: local-zfs pool rpool/data content rootdir,images sparse 1 zfspool: CTdisks pool TANK/proxmox/CTdisks...
  9. Ghost VM disk?

    Where is my file? I have a VM with disk: VMdisks:vm-201-disk-0,size=32G I check VMdisks storage and see the disk in the list(only VM running at the moment so just that one. I check datacenter storage for location which is a ZFS type. TANK/proxmox/VMdisks I do a zfs list | grep VMdisks and...
  10. Backup VM failed. LXC works

    it might be related to the formatted target. I mounted a second disk, this time EXT4 formatted and backing up VM's worked. The non working one is exFAT. When i check the automounts on libreelec i get: The non working one: /dev/sdb1 on /var/media/Harro type exfat...
  11. Backup VM failed. LXC works

    I reinstalled to 7.1 and problem persists. Same error for backing up a VM. ERROR: Backup of VM 201 failed - unable to open '/mnt/pve/BackupVMenCT/dump/vzdump-qemu-201-2021_12_04-13_57_42.tmp/qemu-server.conf' at /usr/share/perl5/PVE/VZDump/ line 210. INFO: Failed at 2021-12-04...
  12. Failed pci passthrough attempt: stuck at initramfs prompt.

    Im not sure if its related to my topic at all anymore. Maybe update-initramfs -u -k all broke more then i ever imagined, even a zpool on secondary disks? I found out the following: 1. disconnecting 4 sata disks(software zfs raid10) makes proxmox boot correctly. 2. reconnecting them lands on...
  13. Failed pci passthrough attempt: stuck at initramfs prompt.

    thank you for your reponse! that sounds like pretty tough. Is there some guide available about this? Its all new stuff for me to digest. Ill go and make me a 6.4 bootable usb stick.
  14. Failed pci passthrough attempt: stuck at initramfs prompt.

    i rebooted and tried the older kernel .128 but same problem. update-initramfs -u -k all -k all flag broke both kernels? any way to undo my actions?
  15. Failed pci passthrough attempt: stuck at initramfs prompt.

    I have yet to reboot a second time. I have raid1 zfs as boot and a zfs 4 disk raid10 as storage. I might have choosen the wrong file to edit since I have a bios and NOT uefi. /etc/kernel/cmdline contained 1 line regarding zfs pools I think


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