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  1. Finally got PCI passthrough working for GPU and Win10 VM

    it's mostly when people try to set the igpu to pass to a win vm. igpu as being the only gfx present in the system in your case. On a hp Gen8, we got an onboard one, so putting a dedicated gpu in a pcie slot do work all time for vm... as being fully pass to x vm.
  2. Cannot install proxmox 7.1 with usb

    plug in internet, re download prox, redownload rufus3.17 , yes when it ask to dwl extra pkg.. or install etcher . burn iso.
  3. Grub Failure?

    it's a lost of grub setting and need to remount the pve with vgscan, mount all folder to proper point... long task. next time : no hdd unplug : go to bios, set boot order and all ok. bit longer than just having a dual boot menu, but each boot mbr is dedicated to his own os as if it was a single...
  4. PVE 7.1 Unable to connect to WebGUI

    wifi do work for quick management.. change vm setting, power on, power off. but vnc over, file transfer.. it mostly get data down and bad transfert.. real use is with ethernet cable as all pc.
  5. ovs_bridge for first interface + DHCP for VMs?

    interesting about the vlan. never seen a modem giving vlan. Moslty, what do work well is the default bridge as prox need the gui and management ip and then you do extra internal vlan that do link to the output of your vm. no ip set, no dhcp.. the vm do that.
  6. lvm-thin on SSD stalls/fails clone or create

    i always get problem with adding disk and the solution quite easy is to just boot over a partition manager soft and create lvm there. Then reboot and hop all detect in prox.
  7. Sharing same USB port (device) between Guests?

    1 device = 1 vm. or something with an arduino and send udp packet over network.
  8. Alder Lake GVT-d integrated graphics passthrough

    Oh you got the answer. Wait few months in order to have the new instruction of cpu add to kernel and so on. it's not a proxmox issues.
  9. Alder Lake GVT-d integrated graphics passthrough

    Those setup using vgpu mostly all end up with system hang and freeze. Just do a normal passthroug to a normal vm. Over a Nuc9 and nuc11, the igpu can be pass fine to linux or win.. but finding the proper win version to get it work is the most challenge. When it work, don't do update as always if...
  10. Thunderbold usable for expansion pci-e ?

    Hi I would like to get some info for usage of the Thunderbolt 3 port working properly with Proxmox. I read as like ver.7.0 did not support tb passthrough.. i did confirm a 300$ TB3 dock got glitchy. While i was able to pass to a vm, the gfx section never get on, only the nic and few vm detect...
  11. 25g Multiple vmbr from the eth controller card - how to set nPar ?

    Hi I would like to know how the function: nPar , with certain network card, can be configured into Prox. Like is it simply to click add vnic and select the card.. or it should be config manualy with like ex: eth4 having minbw 9 and maxbw 13 , then eth5 min9 maxbw 12 ? All this for...
  12. Remote Spice access *without* using web manager

    Just to confirm something about using remmina.. is just installing spice-plugin is enought or we need to install spice-viewer as well ? i see the script from 2018.. but not sure on how to run it.. Or if the need of installing spice.. does it mean using remmina is actually not usefull ? thanks
  13. modprobe folder all file read or specific need - like unsafe interrupt..

    Hi I just want to confirm something.. Is any file name do get read into the /etc/modprobe.d or a specific file name must be given ? I see different naming for the unsafe interrupts.. so wonder if it work .. Here is like : echo "options vfio_iommu_type1 allow_unsafe_interrupts=1" >...
  14. Enable spice/qxl with video type none so that Looking Glass can use host spice server

    Can this be used with the onboard gpu as well ? As having 2 gpu in same windows.. it's for certain application, but still 2 gpu. i guess nvidia Grid might be best fit.
  15. Installation guide for HP MicroServer Gen8

    Have you add hp repo and did you install any hp related driver ? Or just the prox 7.1 iso did config it all ... thanks


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