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  1. Creating an openVPN server with both public and local network

    Hello, in our setup we have 10 LXC containers, these 7 containers have local + public network from proxmox only. Means that each one has a public IP + a local ip (192.168.9.x) being served only in proxmox Then we have 3 servers which only have local network (192.168.9.x) and this is working...
  2. Need advice about ZFS or LVM

    Hello, We are using proxmox for the past year and a half. Everything is working great but we cannot handle all the information processed so we acquired a new server. Right now we are not thinking into a cluster (maybe in a future). The server was acquired at SoYouStart (OVH) same as the server...
  3. About cluster and having servers on the same network

    we can go for 3 servers without any problem. Our priority was to get the cluster to work on different datacenter. To prevent any downtime on our side. Since we mainly work with web applications, a downtime costs us a lot of money
  4. About cluster and having servers on the same network

    Thank you for the info. From what i read online apparently I can setup a vpn server to act as a "local" network between the 2 servers. Will that work? Thank you for that option. I will study that option soon aswell. Right now I am already running ZFS under my machine
  5. About cluster and having servers on the same network

    Hello everyone, currently our company has a server at OVH (SoYouStart), which is working great for now. Last year OVH had a major issue on 2 different datacenter which affected more than 100 000 servers. Our server was one of the affected which lead us without services for a few hours. Also few...
  6. Question about the backups

    Thanks for the advice. yesterday I was also thinking about that, and did a simple container backup in local. Didn't check the I/O. But I saw that the backup time was quite similar
  7. Question about the backups

    Hello, At this moment we're running a server from SoYouStart (32Gb RAM / 6To Disk Space). We are working on the idea of getting 2 + servers to invest in a cluster. The question here is about the backups. For the last 3 months, sometimes proxmox will randomly restart while doing backups. I...
  8. [SOLVED] Which Filesystem to use with proxmox sofraid server

    Right, the vm.swappiness = 1 and on each CT since I always allow more RAM that what I actually need I removed the swap on the CTs. Also had 3 servers running under old snapshots that I forgot to delete. Deleted them hoping now to get the CTs faster. Thank you, Diogo Jesus
  9. [SOLVED] Which Filesystem to use with proxmox sofraid server

    Thanks, also added the vm.swappiness = 1 and removed all swap in containers, now swap went back to 0. Is it a good option to remove swap from all containers? So far I didn't see any downside but it's been only a few hours since I turned on the server.
  10. [SOLVED] Which Filesystem to use with proxmox sofraid server

    Hello, here are the outputs lsblk -i root@learn:~# lsblk -i NAME MAJ:MIN RM SIZE RO TYPE MOUNTPOINT sda 8:0 0 2.7T 0 disk |-sda1 8:1 0 1007K 0 part |-sda2 8:2 0 2.7T 0 part `-sda9 8:9 0 8M 0 part sdb 8:16 0 2.7T 0 disk |-sdb1 8:17 0 1007K 0 part...
  11. [SOLVED] Which Filesystem to use with proxmox sofraid server

    Hello, Thank you for the reply. We do backups (snapshots) daily that we store in a NFS storage. Also we have a few under snapshots which we remove after the tests are done. It also might be a hardware failure I will be checking this in a few hours (waiting for night since we're under...
  12. [SOLVED] Which Filesystem to use with proxmox sofraid server

    INTRODUCTION In our company we have a server hosted by OVH (SoYouStart). The server says it is "SoftRaid" with 2x3To. I don't know which raid is it. So far we used ZFS file system for a Proxmox Server. Which was the most secure we could find at the time. Now after 5 months of server usage we...
  13. [HELP] Improve proxmox security

    thank you for clarifying
  14. [HELP] Improve proxmox security

    we don't work with credit card or other sensitive information. just had a meeting with my boss we will implement that for sure! thank you somewhere in the log i saw that we were added to a cluster (idk more informations about it yet) but if that is the case maybe we are just a +1 zombie to be...


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