Need advice about ZFS or LVM

Diogo Jesus

Oct 16, 2017
We are using proxmox for the past year and a half. Everything is working great but we cannot handle all the information processed so we acquired a new server. Right now we are not thinking into a cluster (maybe in a future). The server was acquired at SoYouStart (OVH) same as the server that we've been using with proxmox already. The only difference is that for this one we chosed the SSD option since we are currently using HDD.

The idea is to move some containers from our HDD server to our SSD server.

Our current HDD server has 6To disk space (2x3To) and is running with ZFS.

Since our current SSD only has 1To disk space (2x480Go) we decided to run it in LVM (I don't know if it's the ideal and i'm open into different opinion since this server isn't in production yet).

Our current HDD server specs are:
  • 8 x AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 4386 (1 Socket)
  • 32Go RAM DDR3
  • 6To Disk Space (2x3To)

And our new SSD server specs are:
  • 8 x Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-1630 v3 @ 3.70GHz (1 Socket)
  • 64Go RAM DDR4
  • 1To Disk Space (2x480Go)

In our current server we have 17 different LXC containers (we were never able to run VMs I guess it was due the processor being from AMD... correct me if i'm wrong).

The idea is to move some of these LXC to the new SSD server (webserver, cdn, MySQL server and PostgresQL server).

These LXC containers all together get around 150Go used space and they will increase in the future. As we are running in SoYouStart we cannot just ask them to throw new disks in our current server.

We also have a NFS disk for backups which are daily backups. This disk is mounted into both servers but we cannot restore a backup from ZFS into LVM.

I don't know what would be our best option into this since if we run our SSD in ZFS we are only able to use 480Go instead of the 1To.
Ok let me take a wack at some of this.
First of all , you processor being AMD should not stop you from running full VMs.
I have used AMD cpus for the last 20+ years and tried out multiple virtualization tech. With no issues.
In fact I have run a 15yo dual Opteron proxmox server for last 10 years and used VMs and LXC no problems.

Second thing is , you can get 1T from new server with zfs the same way you get it with lvm . Using raid0. You get no safty net of proper raid set up, but you get the space. Google raid0 on zfs it may not be available from proxmox gui but it is there. Or a close proximile to it. You get pretty much same result when using lvm i this manner.


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