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  1. vzdump over sshfs - How to use RAM instead of /tmp on host ?

    Hi, vzdump offers the --tmpdir option, so you could create a tmpfs or zram based block device, create a filesystem on that and mount it somewhere. Then give the mountpoint as option. Of course you have to make sure the actual tmp files fit into memory, otherwise this will not work. As...
  2. KVM virtualisation configured, but not available

    That is because you can have self referencing VMs... E.g. you would like to migrate one of your VMs (which is initially on the physical host, but part of the cluster) to let's say itself (as it is a node in the cluster, that should be possible)... And this is just an obvious example, there are...
  3. KVM virtualisation configured, but not available

    HI, in order for the VMs to act as hypervisors themself, you need to activate nested virtualization on the physical host, see What are you trying to achieve with your setup? I hope this is for testing/learning only, because your setup as is, is...
  4. nach Stromausfall: pve-cluster startet nicht mehr

    Falls auf dem node nichts wichtiges mehr lauft ist es wohl einfacher neu aufzusetzten und den neu installierten node wieder zum cluster hinzuzufuegen. Die kaputten Dateien auf dem ZFS wirst du wohl nicht mehr repariert bekommen, da dein pool keinerlei Redundanz besitzt.
  5. nach Stromausfall: pve-cluster startet nicht mehr

    Das wird in diesem Falle nichts nuetzen, da das pmxcfs nicht gemountet wird, also ist /etc/pve auf dem kaputten node leer. Jedoch sollte die config auf allen anderen nodes im cluster vorhanden sein. Ich wuerde hier eher empfehlen zunaechst mit journalctl -u pve-cluster auf Fehlersuche zu gehen...
  6. Error when installing Nginx Proxy Manager

    Have you tried with --disksize 10G instead. Seems like your disksize is 10MiB only.
  7. Proxmox boot options

    Hi, I am afraid you're mixing things up here, GRUB and systemd have a completely different purpose/functionality. GRUB is a boot loader, while systemd is an init system Proxmox VE uses Grub as bootloader and systemd as...
  8. PVE can't authenticate with PBS

    Hi, I assume you followed the procedure as described in the docs here Do you have a self signed certificate? In that case you also need to set the fingerprint for the storage as described in the docs. Do you maybe have TFA enabled for this user...
  9. Backup Proxmox VE Host to Proxmox Backup Server?

    AFAIK there is no WebUI support for host backups yet (but this is definitely on the roadmap). Instead of running the cli command manually, you can setup a cronjob or systemd timer to run the backup job on a periodic basis for you.
  10. [SOLVED] PBS backup nothing happening after hours. Only bursts happen.

    You could check the disk io for proxmox-backup-client by using e.g. iotop to see if the io is coming from the backup client. Also you could debug with strace to see what the client is doing.
  11. Reinstalling Proxmox. Is it safe?

    AFAIK a reinstallation will format your disks and therefore your data will be gone. But you could try to boot from CD/USB in recovery mode and check what's going on. Do you manage to get to grub for selecting which kernel to boot? Did you try to boot using an older kernel?
  12. Automatisches Ein- und Ausschalten des Proxmoxx Servers

    Danke fuer den Tipp, war mir so noch nicht bekannt! Sollte mir mal man rtcwake reinziehen!
  13. proxmoxer API 401 error

    This is not a guide, the link points to the PVE documentation. API tokens are designed exactly for such use cases. They allow stateless access to the API and should therefore not suffer from session timeouts.
  14. [SOLVED] NFS share not online after recent updates

    Hi, is the firewall enabled on the node having the connection issues? maybe try to disable it if enabled to see if it interferes? otherwise you will have to check your network with tools such as socat tcpdump nmapecc.
  15. proxmoxer API 401 error

    Hi, have you seen the API tokens:


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