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  1. USB to serial device passthrough

    Hello everyone, I run pve 4.1-26 (kernel 4.2.6-1-pve) with 1 KVM guest (Windows Server 2008 R2). I have a couple of USB dongles that must be passed through to the guest devices. The problem is that, though the dongles have USB interfaces, they are actually serial devices. When I pass the USB...
  2. How to backup VMs when low on storage space?

    Thanks for the reply Nemesiz, but I really don't understand what you mean?
  3. How to backup VMs when low on storage space?

    Hello, I'm practically out of disk space on a Proxmox 2.x installation and I'm trying to backup the VMs on it onto a remote server. I attached a partition on the remote server to the Proxmox server with sshfs. But everytime I run vzdump I get the message: This applies to all VMs on the...
  4. PVE Cluster question

    Hello, I'd just like to know if a pve cluster pools physical hardware resources such that VMs pull from that central pool, and not from any particular server? For example, in a cluster with 2 nodes, each with 10GB of RAM, is it possible to create a VM with 15GB of RAM? I've read the wiki...
  5. Survey: Do you use KVM or OpenVZ, or both?

    I use both; openvz preferably.
  6. KVM network driver in linux guests

    The guest is running Oracle Linux 6. Let me see if I understand you: i) I don't need to specify the virtio network device when choosing the network adapter during linux guest setup, I may choose, say, e1000 instead; ii) then after the guest is up and running, I'll use the distro's package...
  7. KVM network driver in linux guests

    Hello, I just need to know if one needs to specifically install a KVM paravirtualized network driver inside a linux guest? Or is choosing the virtio option when selecting the network type sufficient? I ask because I had to install the paravirtualized driver for windows inside my Windows...
  8. Can't add storage

    Hi, I installed from a beta 3 iso; the output of pveversion: The 'local' option is still missing. Is there a video of how to reate a container/vm on version 2 please?
  9. Can't add storage

    that's now okay, but there's something I'm still not doing right. I added the storage, as below: But when I tried to create a container, I didn't get any options for the storage part: Maybe I'm just stuck in the proxmox 1.x way of doing things:). What do I need to do to indicate where I...
  10. Can't add storage

    The issue still exists. Here's the screenshot: The output of 'pveversion -v': Thanks for your help.
  11. Can't add storage

    Hello. I'm having trouble configuring storage on my box (running beta 3). The 'create' at the bottom right hand corner of the pop-up window stays grayed-out even after I fill-in all the values I should. And it doesn't matter what browser I use: firefox 3.6 & 8 and chromium. What could be wrong...
  12. Hard Disk space issue with openvz container

    Hello Dietmar, I decided to do a re-installation and I used the excellent tutorial at to customise the install (I really don't like how pve divvies up the hard disk). Now my setup looks like this: vbed:~# lvscan ACTIVE...
  13. Hard Disk space issue with openvz container

    i really don't understand how that happened. please find details of the container as displayed in pve's web ui: In any case, how do I resolve this issue, please?
  14. Hard Disk space issue with openvz container

    hi dietmar, the output is: vbed1:~# df -h /var/lib/vz Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/sda2 4.8G 3.9G 684M 86% / I've gone further: vbed1:~# fdisk -l Disk /dev/sda: 146.1 GB, 146163105792 bytes 255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 17769 cylinders Units =...
  15. Hard Disk space issue with openvz container

    the config is as follows: # PVE default config for 256MB RAM ONBOOT="no" # Primary parameters NUMPROC="1024:1024" NUMTCPSOCK="9223372036854775807:9223372036854775807" NUMOTHERSOCK="9223372036854775807:9223372036854775807" VMGUARPAGES="1441792:9223372036854775807" # Secondary parameters...


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