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  1. Q: Node Backup

    Yea, thanks, that's really helpful actually. My search skills might suck, but that's no crime, and you can choose to not reply rather than lambaste folks for having weak search skills. I'm not a unix guy really, and this is for my home setup; I'm an engineer but I don't do this for a living...
  2. Q: Node Backup

    S-u-p-e-r helpful, Dad... Oh, and I'll be late for dinner. Thanks!
  3. Q: Node Backup

    Obviously, Snarky McSnarkbutt? Of course I looked in the forums. Just because I didn't find it doesn't mean I didn't look. Thanks for the link. I was hoping there was something built into the system, not some github scripting hack, but that's good to know.
  4. Q: Node Backup

    I backup my guests regularly, but after my little glitch this week, I was wondering (and I've searched) - is there any way to backup the host/node configuration?
  5. Corosync cluster problems (Help)

    @fabian Thanks. I just want to change out the ring0_addr with the new separate network hostnames (move syn from to which I will try again later today. Each node shows the second NIC up, and I just checked that omping works with the hostnames, so I think I...
  6. Corosync cluster problems (Help)

    OK, I think I've got it. That last status was what I needed. I'm not sure why it was showing such a newer version, but I set all 4 to the same config on the next highest version and restarted and they connected up. I'm going to work my way through restarting them all to be sure, then tomorrow...
  7. Corosync cluster problems (Help)

    So, I'm seeing this in the logs, which is confusing, because when I look at the corosync.conf files they all say 6. Does this mean if I update all 4 of my nodes with version 9 they might re-sync OK? Jul 11 22:50:14 svr-01 corosync[16928]: [TOTEM ] A new membership ( was...
  8. Corosync cluster problems (Help)

    So... would it be easier to move the guest VM with (from this article) "mv /etc/pve/nodes/node1/qemu-server/100.conf /etc/pve/nodes/node2/" and just delete the node from the cluster, and rejoin?
  9. Corosync cluster problems (Help)

    Ok, following that article, I have node1 back up and can get into the web UI, but it's still isolated... so what's the easy way to get it back into the quorum? It's running the same corosync file as the other 3... I can ssh into the other nodes from node1, and it can ping the corosync NIC on...
  10. Corosync cluster problems (Help)

    I see that on node1 for some reason my /etc/pve directory is empty. I'm trying to follow this advice to get my corosync working, as all of the node1 config seems to have been lost.
  11. Corosync cluster problems (Help)

    I can't seem to get the web interface to come up now on node 1. Both interfaces are up, and I can ping both. PING ( 56 data bytes 64 bytes from icmp_seq=0 ttl=63 time=0.476 ms 64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=63 time=0.398 ms ---...
  12. Corosync cluster problems (Help)

    OK, I did get the other 3 back... even though I reverted corosync.conf, they were still trying to use the new interface (which I had unplugged to try to simplify the situation).
  13. Corosync cluster problems (Help)

    should I delete the cluster and recreate it at this point?
  14. Corosync cluster problems (Help)

    I need some help pretty badly. I was following along with this excellent write-up to create a second network for my corosyncing, and I thought it was going pretty well, but now I have all 4 of my nodes completely isolated somehow. I've attached the old and new corosync.conf files, and I've...
  15. More Fix corosync [TOTEM ] Retransmit List errors

    Fair enough, I already started looking at that path. I did see a decent walkthough of someone doing this on YouTube, setting up the new network on a new interface, but I didn't see them add any routing rule, which I think this is required, right? I need to brush up on dual-homing...


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