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  1. No CDROM Found

    Hello again friends. It's a Supermicro server with S2600GZ board and current BIOS/IPMI firmware. Followed the Wiki on installing from USB. Have downloaded 6.0.1 three different times and installed elsewhere with all three so the ISO is good. I have tried with a USB stick created with etcher...
  2. Adding node crashes cluster

    I'd like to add that it displays in the GUI but not in the node list. How can I remove the node properly now to rebuild it?
  3. Adding node crashes cluster

    Proxmox 6.0-7 5 nodes. When I added the 6th node the entire cluster goes down, gui becomes unresponsive on all nodes and unable to log into the newly added node at all from UI. Shelled into each of the nodes and run pvecm status with this result. I've restarted corosync on each nodes and...
  4. Storage Idea

    I'm not familiar with current Dell gear but couldn't an option be two compute nodes, two data store nodes and use an aggressive VM replication schedule? This is assuming you could get enough storage out of two 1U servers and essentially mirror. Not true HA by any means ... but CEPH has a bit...
  5. Moving Backups between storage

    I guess that would depend what type of storage is used for backup store. I've used CIFS shares for backups and moved them for restore testing to another cluster without any issue. Just make sure that the permissions are good I suppose unless someone can think of anything else for other storage...
  6. [SOLVED] Faster way to stop/out/destroy OSDs?

    Think I found my answer ... ceph osd purge osd.270 --yes-i-really-mean-it ran and removed it from the display. Please let me know if this is not a good way to handle mass removal of OSDs or if there is a preferred method - be it GUI one at a time or otherwise. Thanks! ceph osd out osd.XXX...
  7. [SOLVED] Faster way to stop/out/destroy OSDs?

    Good morning. In playing with Proxmox v6 I added 100 OSDs in an integrated ceph deployment that I'd like to remove and redeploy differently. I can run systemctl stop ceph-osd@270 ceph-osd@269 ... etc to stop them all and can also run ceph osd out osd.270 osd.269 ... etc to mark them as out...
  8. Web GUI not available after uploading certs

    Wow ... I totally glossed over that! The new method is much simpler thanks!
  9. [SOLVED] OSD Encryption

    Hi guys I notice that OSD encryption is available under create OSD. Is there any mechanism to show which OSDs are encrypted in the UI or command line? I made some encrypted and some non-encrypted to gauge performance but unable to differentiate which are which.
  10. Web GUI not available after uploading certs

    That wiki should be updated to reflect that at least for v6.0.5. I ran into the same issue that the wiki suggests to only remove pve-ssl.pem and pve-ssl.key but removing the pveproxy-ssl.* files did the trick!
  11. [SOLVED] No quorum all 3 nodes

    Thank you! restarting corosync brought up 2 of the three hosts back into the cluster and gave quorum. I'm able to move guests disks out of the ceph cluster and backup guests while we troubleshoot the hardware issue on the third node.
  12. [SOLVED] No quorum all 3 nodes

    We seemed to have lost quorom on all three nodes running 6.0.5 overnight! The guests are running, ceph storage is available but now each node thinks the other two are offline. I'm unable to move guests, backup, restore or make config changes because I get permission denied. How can I rescue...
  13. Access to Ceph based disks

    I created several guests on an integrated ceph storage. I can locate stored guests files on every network and local store but I'm not able to locate where Ceph stores these.
  14. External CEPH Cluster + Integrated CEPH

    So I have a nicely working 5 node proxmox cluster with integrated ceph for storage. I have a another production ceph cluster running Mimic that I would like to consider using to expand the storage capacity for my proxmox cluster. Would I be able to create an RBD pool on the external CEPH to...
  15. [SOLVED] LACP Bonding Questions

    Awesome thanks for the light reading over the weekend. We currently run on 10G switches with a single connection for the vmbr0 and another single 10g connection for ceph. I've added to new connections (total of 4) split between two 10G switches and was looking to configure half for ceph other...


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