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    Is it possible to disable the regular access to backup storage?

    @fabian, it works now! Maybe it missed a PVE reboot or something. I've added the following lines to the to mount and unmount the storage: if ($phase eq 'job-init') { if ($storeid eq 'backup-to-usb') { system ("/usr/sbin/pvesm set $storeid --disable...
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    Is it possible to disable the regular access to backup storage?

    Hi. I've patched the files /usr/share/perl5/PVE/ and like you showed in the link above. If I use the disabled storage ("backup-to-usb") in a backup job, I see the error above: TASK ERROR: could not activate storage 'backup-to-usb': storage 'backup-to-usb' is...
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    Is it possible to disable the regular access to backup storage?

    @fabian, thanks. I've took a look and tested it. But it doesn't work as expected. The backup job quits with the following error: TASK ERROR: could not activate storage 'backup-to-usb': storage 'backup-to-usb' is disabled The storage configuration is as following: dir: backup-to-usb...
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    Is it possible to disable the regular access to backup storage?

    Is it possible to disable or prevent the regular access of Proxmox VE to the configured backup storage (directory)? Background: I want to make backups to an external USB drive. If no backup runs, the disk should go into the idle mode to save power and life time. The disk is mounted via...
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    5.3 and lxc nesting

    Hi. The problem is the new containerd service, which tries to load the overlay module inside of LXC. This doesn't work and isn't needed. You have to edit the containerd service as follows: run command systemctl edit containerd.service and enter following content: [Service] ExecStartPre= save...
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    Moving from Qemu KVM to Proxmox on same hardware

    1. Backup your VM settings and your VM disk images (convert qcow to raw images) 2. Install Proxmox 3. Create VM with nearly the same settings as on Qemu-KVM (Libvirt) inclusive. disk 4. Copy content from VM disk image backup into proxmox VM disk using command: dd if=/path/backup.raw...
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    docker in lxc container

    It works! you can use aufs or overlay file system. For using it within a LXC container, you have to load the module on the proxmox host. I've inserted it into /etc/modules-load.d/modules.conf : # /etc/modules: kernel modules to load at boot time. # # This file contains the names of kernel...
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    thin-pool target support missing from kernel?

    The thin-volume support seems to be removed from pve-kernel starting with version 4.13. On my pve-kernel 4.10 it is included. But thin volumes are working normally after kernel is started. The only problem is, that the kernel can't boot from thin-volumes. I don't know, why it's removed from kernel?
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    [SOLVED] Headless Proxmox possible?

    I have running Proxmox since version 3.4 running on different devices like AMD GX-412TC SOC or AMD G-T40E Processor, which are embedded devices without any graphics engine. They have only a serial console for local management. It works perfectly without any issues.


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