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  1. Apt-get function

    Pressing "D" or "Q" (can't remember which) will also help.
  2. Proxmox restarts while booting install DVD

    Hi Hermonella, Yeah, I've had similar stuff happen to me.. for me the issue was both a DVD with some surface damage in just the wrong place, and also a failing USB DVD drive. Does this issue happen with other hardware (try what ever spare PC/Laptop you have lying around)? Could you burn...
  3. proxmox and pfsense - connectivity under lan

    Hi Hujino, Great that you are trying out Proxmox! I hope you stay with it for a long time! I do have to ask, and also advice from others, is pfSense better run from a dedicated server, or it is ok practice to run it virtualised? #askingForAFriend / #beenThinkingTheSame .. ;-) - Alex
  4. [SOLVED] Question : Autostart fonction

    Hi Ipco-raph, You can use the startup order settings to control the sequence the VMs boot. This is found under "Options" for the virtual machines / containers. BR: Alex
  5. How to manually copy containers to another Node in a cluster?

    Hi Saroop, Do you not have backups of the containers from the failed node? BR : Alex
  6. Backups not working with "unprivileged" containers.

    The priveldges for /mnt/pve/proxmox-backups are exactly the same on both nodes.
  7. Backups not working with "unprivileged" containers.

    Hi Ramrot, Sorry for the delay: /etc/exports ============ /volume2/proxmox-backups,async,no_wdelay,no_root_squash,insecure_locks,sec=sys,anonuid=1025,anongid=100),async,no_wdelay,no_root_squash,insecure_locks,sec=sys,anonuid=1025,anongid=100)...
  8. Backups not working with "unprivileged" containers.

    Thanks Ramrot, This failed on both nodes. touch: cannot touch '/mnt/pve/proxmox-backups/testfile': Permission denied
  9. Backups not working with "unprivileged" containers.

    Hi Ramrot, Thanks for this, and I know what you mean. The crazy thing is that on the other node it works just fine.
  10. Backups not working with "unprivileged" containers.

    Hi folks, Does this ring any bells? - Alex
  11. Backups not working with "unprivileged" containers.

    Hi, The tar / permission denied one. No problems on another node, no problems with existing (priviledged containers / unprivileged: no) containers, no problems with VM Just this one very repeatable scenario. I've gone through every related post I can find about containers not backing up...
  12. Backups not working with "unprivileged" containers.

    When creating a new container, if the "unprivileged" box is ticked, the container cannot be backed up. Restoring a container as "unprivileged" means that it won't start. Backing up VMs and "priviledged" containers works. Hlep ... PVE 5.4-6 Clustered. One node from two has this problem. Node...
  13. VM snapshots will not work. Backup works..

    I had a poke around, looked at the options presented if were to move the disk image. It seems to be a raw image, even through I explicitly converted it to qcow2. My steps (for example): qemu-img convert /path/to/Windows-flat.vmdk -p -O qcow2 80GB.qcow2 qm importdisk 111 /path/to/80GB.qcow2...
  14. VM snapshots will not work. Backup works..

    yeah .. I'm starting to get that feeling now... The coverted image is on zfs-1 local-zfs: seems to be something which get set-up when I the servers were built. zfs-0, zfs-1: Two raid devices. I figured it would split the load between devices. I've got one heavy-ish server on each pair...


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