XP Test VM - strange networking problem


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Nov 23, 2023
Hi Folks, I wonder if you can help? I have a node with 3 VMs on it. 2 linux, 1 XP. The XP was setup with the RTL network driver. None of the VMs have a firewall at proxmox level (their own internal software ones, yes) and the datacentre doesn't have one. Proxmox node has a firewall enabled but the only rule it has is an accept on the 8006 port to ensure I can talk to it.

The router has all outgoing ports open and incoming 8006, and two other ports for VPN and HTTPS handled by two different VMs.

Now the odd things I can't explain.
1) Any port I open on my router gets through to the VMs despite the node firewall being active. I can't find a setting to make it default drop, but I don't really mind currently, this is jus tan observation.
2) Both linux VMs can use their network connection as normal, web browsing, serving data, etc in and out.
3) The XP VM gets no browsing data. I cannot access a single external site, only internal ones on the same subnet. I assumed it was a firewall issue but I can't find a block anywhere, and what's more odd is I can ping domains no problem, just can't view pages hosted there. I totally disabled the windows firewall on it, and set security to the lowest possible just for diagnosing, and nothing helps.

I ran TCPdump on the node and it is a bit odd. If throw in a URL I know exists, it triggers BING search (IE of course) and returns a bunch of results. But those results are not followable links - it immediately refuses to resolve them. I can go to BING root address and google root address (google.com) but not places like play.google.com. Baffling.

Any pointers for a lost human?
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iirc, xp can't browse https websites, only http works, because of outdated ssl support.
Hmm I wonder if that's it. Thanks for pointing that out, I would have been going round in circles for days. I'll fire up a Win7 instance instead and test it through there. Much appreciated!


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