Will getting access to paid repo put an end to endless crashing with 13th gen Intel?


Apr 8, 2023
I've reached a point I'm looking for alternatives. I tried another (non hypervisor) but NAS OS and my system no longer crashes on that OS. It seems fairly stable and has been up for a couple days. I will continue to test on that OS during the trial time then purchase a license if all goes well.

I really like proxmox capabilities but on my system it crashes fairly frequently with no obvious failure point. To me it seems like its related to 13th gen Intel CPU go into sleep states although some folks have mentioned turning off C-states didnt resolve the issue for them.

Have folks successfully gotten 13th gen intel CPU's to run on proxmox? Did it require the paid support repo to fix? I hate to tear down my system and switch to something else but nothing seems to prevent crashing on proxmox. I do not mind paying for software that works assuming it works. I guess I do not have a lot of confidence a paid proxmox model would fix my issue. Not a knock on proxmox at all just seems to be what it is at the moment.
I recently dealt with this, I've got a 13900 a fresh install of the latest version and a BIOS flash seems to have solved my issues. 3 days in and it hasn't crashed yet. I'm on the no-subscription repo.
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Enterprise subscription updates always come later. If you have a stable system this is great. If somethings breaks then you'll get a fix (much) earlier with no-subscription. That is the reason I stopped using the enterprise repository for home use.

EDIT: But I got a subscription again anyway, as a way to regularly donate to this company (as their software work great for me).
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