VZDUMP ionice

May 18, 2019

would it be possible to get a conclusive and up to date answer on this, @dietmar

/etc/vzdump.conf uses "ionice=8" and I see no ionice parameter in the process executing the backup.

what I have is

/bin/bash -c set -o pipefail && lxc-usernsexec -m u:0:100000:65536 -m g:0:100000:65536 -- tar cpf - --totals --one-file-system -p --sparse --numeric-owner --acls --xattrs '--xattrs-include=user.*' '--xattrs-include=security.capability' '--warning=no-file-ignored' '--warning=no-xattr-write' --one-file-system '--warning=no-file-ignored' '--directory=/var/tmp/vzdumptmp772831_108' ./etc/vzdump/pct.conf ./etc/vzdump/pct.fw '--directory=/mnt/vzsnap0' --no-anchored '--exclude=lost+found' --anchored '--exclude=./tmp/?*' '--exclude=./var/tmp/?*' '--exclude=./var/run/?*.pid' ./ | cstream -t 75497472 | zstd --rsyncable '--threads=1' >/var/lib/vz/dump/vzdump-lxc-108-2022_11_02-06_02_30.tar.dat

lxc-usernsexec -m u:0:100000:65536 -m g:0:100000:65536 -- tar cpf - --totals --one-file-system -p --sparse --numeric-owner --acls --xattrs --xattrs-include=user.* --xattrs-include=security.capability --warning=no-file-ignored --warning=no-xattr-write --one-file-system --warning=no-file-ignored --directory=/var/tmp/vzdumptmp772831_108 ./etc/vzdump/pct.conf ./etc/vzdump/pct.fw --directory=/mnt/vzsnap0 --no-anchored --exclude=lost+found --anchored --exclude=./tmp/?* --exclude=./var/tmp/?* --exclude=./var/run/?*.pid ./

06:02  30:29 tar cpf - --totals --one-file-system -p --sparse --numeric-owner --acls --xattrs --xattrs-include=user.* --xattrs-include=security.capability --warning=no-file-ignored --warning=no-xattr-write --one-file-system --warning=no-file-ignored --directory=/var/tmp/vzdumptmp772831_108 ./etc/vzdump/pct.conf ./etc/vzdump/pct.fw --directory=/mnt/vzsnap0 --no-anchored --exclude=lost+found --anchored --exclude=./tmp/?* --exclude=./var/tmp/?* --exclude=./var/run/?*.pid ./
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