[SOLVED] VNC Connection refused on certain VMs


Aug 2, 2022
Hi, I am using RealVNC to VNC into my VMs. I can VNC into my Windows 2000 Pro VM (Just testing it) with no issues. However, I cannot VNC into a Fedora, Debian or Windows 10 environment.

Firewall is off for each OS just as a test, "The connection was refused by the computer".

I've modified the /etc/pve/local/qemu-server/id.conf for each one by adding:
args: -vnc

Each one has a unique port. Reset each VM after the config.

Edit: noVNC via the browser is working, but I do prefer a client.
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I can't copy and paste for some reason.

This is in Fedora. Command doesn't work in Shell at PVE level.
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tcp        0      0  *               LISTEN      5831/kvm          
tcp        0      0  *               LISTEN      5506/kvm          
tcp        0      0  *               LISTEN      5710/kvm          
tcp        0      0  *               LISTEN      2138/kvm

Edit: I realized that I said 78 in the first post, but meant what you see above.
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Appreciate the help so far, hoping to move a little further on the path to getting this resolved. Thank you every one!
So, the ports are open. That's good. Please try to connect to the vnc displays with your vncviewer and try each one of them. Normally the display is <port> - 5900
Correct, the ports are open, however, I get the following error when attempt to VNC into Fedora:
"The connection was refused by the computer"

I have tried several VNC viewers. I can get into Windows 2000 just fine, but nothing else.
I've tried,, same error. conf.JPGcr.JPG
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I should have listed everything I tried in one post, here's what I have tried in VNC Viewer:
I should have listed everything I tried in one post, here's what I have tried in VNC Viewer:
Okay, thank you.

You said, you turned of the firewall for your VMs, that is one step, but did you also have any firewall rules on datacenter or host level? Normally they all are part of the firewall and a good rule on datacenter level will prohibit any further connection.

For testing purposes, I can recommend to have a "your-ip-all-allowed" rule that can be activated, but should normally be deactivated.
I don't remember turning off the firewall at the datacenter level, but it's off. I just turned off the firewall on the node level and that did not help either. It's bizarre that the "Win2k" box let's me right in, it's apart of the same node as well. I've compared the args against the others and the only difference is the port.
Good morning, any other suggestions?
* is this IP address of your PVE server?

* are you on the same network segment as the PVE server?
The computer that I'm initiating the connection from is on a different subnet, however it has access to the destination. is the Fedora install that I'm trying to VNC into. is the PVE host.
The Windows 2000 box that I can VNC into, that resides on the same PVE host, is


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