VMs on the same host in different subnetworks


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Jun 29, 2020

I am still learning proxmox and I have a situation where I need to have three different VMs in the or machine with three physical network interfaces and each of them should be connected to a different sub networks. The first one is connected to our DMZ1 subnetwork (, the second network interface is physically connected to our LAN and that should be used by the host only in order to admin proxmox and the host machine ( And finally there is a third network interface which is our backup in case the DMZ1 ISP be out, so it is kind of redundancy, but attached to a second DMZ with different ISP ( and should redirect traffic to the 2.10 through a software firewall. is it possible to achieve this scenario in one machine/cluster? if it is feasible, how may I configure proxmox to achieve that?. If not why not? what I need to turn the situation in a feasible one?

Thanks for your time.

PD IP addresses are fictitious, but gives a better idea of what I need.


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Staff member
Jun 4, 2019
If you create a seperate network bridge for every physical interface (via the GUI '<Node> -> Network -> Add -> Linux Bridge' and set bridge port to your physical NICs name) you can assign your VMs to whatever network you want. Your PVE will be accesible over the bridge if (and only if) you assign it an IP address in the aforementioned config window. Does that help?


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