VM still locked for backup after backup is finished


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Apr 4, 2012
I have random occurrences of VM being left in a "locked for backup" in PVE

Since this involves both PBS and PVE I'm not sure where this should be posted, but hope the whole proxmox team will see this.

I am at a loss, but suspect under-powered (such as bandwidth) network or other hardware.

Some history, while I don't have an exact time-frame this has become more of an issue in the past couple of weeks

PBS versions

proxmox-backup: 2.4-1 (running kernel: 5.15.107-2-pve)
proxmox-backup-server: 2.4.2-1 (running version: 2.4.2)
pve-kernel-5.15: 7.4-3
pve-kernel-5.13: 7.1-9
pve-kernel-5.4: 6.4-4
pve-kernel-5.15.107-2-pve: 5.15.107-2
pve-kernel-5.15.107-1-pve: 5.15.107-1
pve-kernel-5.13.19-6-pve: 5.13.19-15
pve-kernel-5.13.19-2-pve: 5.13.19-4
pve-kernel-5.4.124-1-pve: 5.4.124-1
pve-kernel-5.4.65-1-pve: 5.4.65-1
ifupdown2: 3.1.0-1+pmx4
libjs-extjs: 7.0.0-1
proxmox-backup-docs: 2.4.2-1
proxmox-backup-client: 2.4.2-1
proxmox-mail-forward: 0.1.1-1
proxmox-mini-journalreader: 1.2-1
proxmox-offline-mirror-helper: 0.5.1-1
proxmox-widget-toolkit: 3.7.0
pve-xtermjs: 4.16.0-2
smartmontools: 7.2-pve3
zfsutils-linux: 2.1.11-pve1

PVE versions

proxmox-ve: 7.4-1 (running kernel: 5.15.107-2-pve)
pve-manager: 7.4-3 (running version: 7.4-3/9002ab8a)
pve-kernel-5.15: 7.4-3
pve-kernel-5.13: 7.1-9
pve-kernel-5.15.107-2-pve: 5.15.107-2
pve-kernel-5.15.107-1-pve: 5.15.107-1
pve-kernel-5.15.102-1-pve: 5.15.102-1
pve-kernel-5.13.19-6-pve: 5.13.19-15
pve-kernel-5.4.157-1-pve: 5.4.157-1
pve-kernel-4.15: 5.4-19
pve-kernel-4.15.18-30-pve: 4.15.18-58
pve-kernel-4.15.18-10-pve: 4.15.18-32
ceph-fuse: 14.2.21-1
corosync: 3.1.7-pve1
criu: 3.15-1+pve-1
glusterfs-client: 9.2-1
ifupdown: not correctly installed
ifupdown2: 3.1.0-1+pmx4
ksm-control-daemon: 1.4-1
libjs-extjs: 7.0.0-1
libknet1: 1.24-pve2
libproxmox-acme-perl: 1.4.4
libproxmox-backup-qemu0: 1.3.1-1
libproxmox-rs-perl: 0.2.1
libpve-access-control: 7.4-3
libpve-apiclient-perl: 3.2-1
libpve-common-perl: 7.4-1
libpve-guest-common-perl: 4.2-4
libpve-http-server-perl: 4.2-3
libpve-network-perl: 0.7.3
libpve-rs-perl: 0.7.6
libpve-storage-perl: 7.4-2
libqb0: 1.0.5-1
libspice-server1: 0.14.3-2.1
lvm2: 2.03.11-2.1
lxc-pve: 5.0.2-2
lxcfs: 5.0.3-pve1
novnc-pve: 1.4.0-1
proxmox-backup-client: 2.4.2-1
proxmox-backup-file-restore: 2.4.2-1
proxmox-kernel-helper: 7.4-1
proxmox-mail-forward: 0.1.1-1
proxmox-mini-journalreader: 1.3-1
proxmox-offline-mirror-helper: 0.5.1-1
proxmox-widget-toolkit: 3.7.0
pve-cluster: 7.3-3
pve-container: 4.4-3
pve-docs: 7.4-2
pve-edk2-firmware: 3.20230228-2
pve-firewall: 4.3-2
pve-firmware: 3.6-5
pve-ha-manager: 3.6.1
pve-i18n: 2.12-1
pve-qemu-kvm: 7.2.0-8
pve-xtermjs: 4.16.0-1
qemu-server: 7.4-3
smartmontools: 7.2-pve3
spiceterm: 3.2-2
swtpm: 0.8.0~bpo11+3
vncterm: 1.7-1
zfsutils-linux: 2.1.11-pve1
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Guess I can add something I just came to mind, I have changed my tape backups frequency from daily to every 2 hours. Could there be some interference when tape backup comes across a VM that is being backed up?
Gonna add one more thought, qemu-guest-agent. Since its required for the snapshots on the guest.

Any version requirements there?

I do have a few older windows VMs that I might have a problem Getting any newer version for..
Another occurrence, reviewing the log for the task it appears to be unable to open file/path for the VM conf file and is unable to update/remove the lock status

So since this log would indicate issue is at the proxmox node?

INFO: transferred 4.63 GiB in 259 seconds (18.3 MiB/s)
INFO: adding notes to backup
unable to open file '/etc/pve/nodes/proxmox0105/qemu-server/132.conf.tmp.2479801' - Device or resource busy
INFO: Finished Backup of VM 132 (00:04:20)
INFO: Backup finished at 2023-06-06 02:34:31


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