virt-viewer won't connect with SPICE. noVNC does connect.

Jul 20, 2022
OK. So, I was having some problems with version 8 of PVE. I decided to reinstall the old version 7.4-17. It's the current version 7 ISO floating around BitTorrent, plus the non-subscription repository. Fully updated. (I do have a subscription, but it doesn't work in PVE because it's register on the previous version 8 server.)

I can connect to everything with noVNC. But, it flickers and moves around on my screen, and the window is a bit smaller that it needs to be, and it won't let me adjust it, so I don't like to use it. Also, I do get the VM console window in the PVE GUI.

When I attempt to connect to SPICE, I select the Console button in PVE and SPICE in the drop-down list. The .vv file downloads, and my (Brave) browser opens it. Then I get this:
Screenshot from 2023-10-31 11-15-06.png
Apparently the message is from virt-viewer because I see its icon in the panel/task bar.

Here is the directory:
ls -lash /run/user/1000/doc/8da126d4 total 0 0 drwx------ 2 dan dan 0 Dec 31 1969 . 0 dr-x------ 2 dan dan 0 Dec 31 1969 ..

I was able to capture a copy of the .vv file:
virt-viewer] proxy= delete-this-file=1 release-cursor=Ctrl+Alt+R host=pvespiceproxy:65410a8a:110:leghorn::4f3deebf83d96787541b948b879a1bd42a99880d password=<remove> host-subject=OU=PVE Cluster Node,O=Proxmox Virtual Environment,CN=leghorn.a.a secure-attention=Ctrl+Alt+Ins title=VM 110 - bullwinkle ca=-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----<remove>-----END CERTIFICATE-----\n toggle-fullscreen=Shift+F11 type=spice tls-port=61001

Here is what shows in the PVE syslog:
Oct 31 11:42:28 leghorn QEMU[15859]: kvm: warning: Spice: error:14094418:SSL routines:ssl3_read_bytes:tlsv1 alert unknown ca Oct 31 11:42:28 leghorn QEMU[15859]: kvm: warning: Spice: red-stream.c:542:red_stream_ssl_accept: SSL_accept failed, error=1 Oct 31 11:42:28 leghorn spiceproxy[1619]: problem with client ::ffff:; Connection reset by peer

There are two certificates that appear in the PVE GUI:
Screenshot from 2023-10-31 11-45-33.png
Screenshot from 2023-10-31 11-46-00.png

Any ideas why virt-viewer is issuing that message?

A quick update. I noticed that I had both the repository version of virt-viewer installed and also the flatpak version installed. I think the flatpak version was in effect, which made it look in the /run directory. I removed the flatpak version and retried the SPICE connection. Now it looks in the downloads directory where the correct .vv file is. But, the "unknown ca" alert still shows up in the PVE syslog.


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