Using Promox with a laptop


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Sep 12, 2019
I would like Promox on a laptop for the versatility of using a range of Operating Systems.
I found the following post where a member wants to use Promox with a Wi-Fi adapter on a workstation.
The Wi-Fi adapter is wanted for using both the admin utility and bridged or routed access to the internet for other operating systems.

Does this type of set-up continue to require a specialized configuration in the latest release of Promox?

The links provided in the following post no longer point to the intended information.
If needed, could alternate links that work be posted?

Thanks very much.

Forum Post: Post
(link to post)
(The title of the post is, "Intel nuc, nuc5i7ryh Proxmox connect Wi-Fi"

Wolfgang, Proxmox Staff Member last on the forum: Jul., 11, 2019
The staff member has not been on the forum for approximately one month and is my reason for making a general post.

Question from the forum member:

I know very little Linux etc.
I bought an Intel NUC, nuc5i7ryh and installed Proxmox on it.

I am at the point where it says please use your web browser to configure this server - connect to:
(external web link not allow on post to this forum).

Is there a way to connect this to my home Wi-Fi at this step?
I type lspci and I see the following listed: Network Controller: Intel Corporation Wireless 7265 (rev 59).

How can I connect to my home Wi-Fi, so I can then connect to the web address it wants me to go to?
I know I can just plug it in. But, will want to use wireless anyway so hoping can do it at this step.

Many thanks for any help.

May 17, 2018
Wolfgang's response.

You can use Wi-Fi to manage Proxmox VE Host, but not as a bridge interface for guests operating systems.
To use the Wi-Fi adapter with guest operating systems, a custom routed setup is needed requiring Linux network knowledge.

A starting point for you,

Best regards,

Does this type of set-up continue to require a specialized configuration in the latest release of Promox?

Yes, and it probably will forever, because a bridged WiFi is a hardware restriction. There are some adapters that work, but I don't know which work nowadays. Roughly 10 years ago, we needed such a setup for an experiment at the university, so we changed the built in WiFi cards in the laptops to really expensive intel ones that worked, but it was 802.11b IIRC, so no use here.


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