Using a single NIC for Proxmox (vmbr0) and LAN for OPNsense


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May 21, 2023

I currently have 3 network ports accessible. One is the integrated one on the motherboard, which is used to connect Proxmox host to a switch. The other 2 are separate NICs, both of which are bridged over through Proxmox to OPNsense VM for LAN and WAN.

What I would like to achieve, is using the motherboard port for both connecting Proxmox to the network, and using it for LAN on OPNsense. Is such config possible?

Current setup is like this:

WAN -> NIC_1 (vmbr1) -> OPNsense VM -> NIC_2 (vmbr2) -> LAN -> Switch -> Proxmox (vmbr0)

Screenshot from 2023-08-25 15-43-28.png
Screenshot from 2023-08-25 15-44-16.png <- OPNsense

What I kinda want:

WAN -> NIC_1 (vmbr1) -> OPNsense VM -> Proxmox (vmbr0) -> LAN -> Switch

Currently I have a cable running from NIC_2 into the switch. I want to run the same cable, but instead directly from the motherboard port. Would I still be able to access Proxmox host and LAN, or would it not work?

I essentially just want to get rid of one of the NICs, but I am not sure how to do it. I could just try replugging stuff and messing with the bridges, but I don't really want to bring the internet down for the whole house. I already get enough complains as is.

I'm sorry if this is stupid question. I'm genuinely clueless when it comes to networking. Any advice is appreciated.
I don't know, it's why I was asking. But yes, it ended up working just fine, so I was stressing about nothing. I was just worried about switching the lan interface, since if it hadn't worked it'd be a pita to change it back (since I wouldn't be able to access anything).


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