Uploading QCOW2 file to Proxmox


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Aug 27, 2020
Hi everyone

First post here, I would like to import a VM QCOW2 disk image from another KVM hypervisor to Proxmox
I want to upload the file to VM ID 104, the question is how can I access my Data-Storage LVM from Winscp ?
Here is an LVS output
root@cmhlshuttle:~# lvs
  /dev/sdc: open failed: No medium found
  LV                                  VG           Attr       LSize   Pool    Origin        Data%  Meta%  Move Log Cpy%Sync Convert
  dataext                             Data-Storage twi-aotz--   1.80t                       10.81  16.38
  snap_vm-101-disk-0_PostBuild        Data-Storage Vri---tz-k  50.00g dataext vm-101-disk-0
  snap_vm-101-disk-0_PreKiosk         Data-Storage Vri---tz-k  50.00g dataext vm-101-disk-0
  snap_vm-101-disk-0_added2domain1903 Data-Storage Vri---tz-k  50.00g dataext vm-101-disk-0
  vm-101-disk-0                       Data-Storage Vwi-a-tz--  50.00g dataext               79.79
  vm-101-state-PostBuild              Data-Storage Vwi-a-tz-- <16.49g dataext               19.26
  vm-101-state-PreKiosk               Data-Storage Vwi-a-tz-- <16.49g dataext               27.53
  vm-101-state-added2domain1903       Data-Storage Vwi-a-tz-- <16.49g dataext               10.28
  vm-103-disk-0                       Data-Storage Vwi-a-tz--  40.00g dataext               0.00
  vm-103-disk-1                       Data-Storage Vwi-aotz--  40.00g dataext               35.26
  vm-103-disk-2                       Data-Storage Vwi-aotz--  40.00g dataext               18.02
  vm-104-disk-0                       Data-Storage Vwi-aotz--  64.00g dataext               30.33
  vm-105-disk-0                       Data-Storage Vwi-aotz--  32.00g dataext               33.66
  vm-106-disk-0                       Data-Storage Vwi-a-tz--  40.00g dataext               100.00
  vm-106-disk-2                       Data-Storage Vwi-a-tz--  40.00g dataext               18.44
  data                                pve          twi-aotz--  59.66g                       18.11  2.10
  root                                pve          -wi-ao----  27.75g
  snap_vm-100-disk-0_PostBuild        pve          Vri---tz-k  32.00g data
  swap                                pve          -wi-ao----   8.00g
  vm-102-disk-0                       pve          Vwi-a-tz--  32.00g data                  21.91

Thanks everyone


Proxmox Retired Staff
Retired Staff
Oct 1, 2014

qcow2 can't be imported directly to LVM over the network.
You must copy it first on a filesystem on the host or use a USB stick.
Then you can use the "qm importdisk" to import it to the LVM


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