Upgrade to PVE 8.0 console-set-up.service error


Apr 16, 2021
After seeing no errors from pve7to8 --full, I upgraded to 8.0. The upgrade seems to complete
successfully except keys pressed on a USB keyboard do not correspond to the characters shown on my monitor.
For example if I type "root" on the keyboard, "prry" appears on the monitor and I cannot logon.
I tried another keyboard and rebooting PVE but got the same results. Access from ssh or GUI work as expected.

This entry is in my syslog: "failed to start console-setup.service - Set console font and keymap"

Any help in resolving this would be greatly appreciated.
Actually, I did google the error before posting but the solutions you referenced did not solve my problem permanently. Specifically,
if I enter "systemctrl restart console-setup.service" keyboard access works properly until the system reboots then the problem reoccurs.

Attached is a screen capture after a reboot. It shows the status of the console-setup service before and after enabling it at CLI in hopes this might be helpful.



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That specific solution has as a top answer a suggestion to reconfigure keyboard-configuration and console-setup, not just service restart. It may not help but its a good starting point.

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First of all, thank you for your help.
I've run the following commands again:
1/ dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration
2/ dpkg-reconfigure console-setup
3/ systemctl enable console-setup.service
4/ systemctl restart console-setup.service

After these command keyboard works until system is restarted then problem reappears as before. Configuration changes seem to be lost
on reboots.
I have the same issue here. Tried to fix by changing the order at boot for console-setup.sh in /etc/rc2.d/, /etc/rc3.d, /etc/rd4.d and /etc/rc5.d (replacing S01console-setup.sh by S02console-setup.sh) but made no difference. As a workaround I now have an entry:

@reboot /usr/bin/systemctl restart console-setup.service

in crontab. If you have a better solution, please come forward.


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