Updates for Proxmox VE 3.0 - including storage migration

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by martin, Jun 17, 2013.

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    We just moved a bunch of packages from pvetest to our stable repository, including a lot of bug fixes, code cleanups, qemu 1.4.2 and also a new quite cool new feature - storage migration.

    A big Thank-you to our active community for all feedback, testing, bug reporting and patch submissions.

    Release Notes

    - ceph (0.61.3-1~bpo70+1)

    • update of ceph-common, librbd1 and librados2
    - libpve-storage-perl (3.0-8)

    • rdb: --format is deprecated, use --image-format instead
    • be more verebose on rbd commands to get progress
    • various fixes for nexenta plugin
    - vncterm (1.1-4)

    • Allow to add intermediate certificates to /etc/pve/local/pve-ssl.pem (users previously used apache option SSLCertificateChainFile for that)
    - pve-qemu-kvm (1.4-13)

    • update to qemu 1.4.2
    • remove rbd-add-an-asynchronous-flush.patch (upstream now)
    - qemu-server (3.0-20)

    • new API to update VM config: this one is fully asynchronous.
    • snapshot rollback: use pc-i440fx-1.4 as default
    • config: implement new 'machine' configuration
    • migrate: pass --machine parameter to remote 'qm start' command
    • snapshot: store/use 'machine' confifiguration
    • imlement delete flag for move_disk
    • API: rename move to move_disk
    • implement storage migration ("qm move")
    • fix bug 395: correctly handle unused disk with storage alias
    • fix unused disk handling (do not hide unused disks when used with snapshot).
    - pve-manager (3.0-23)

    • fix bug #368: use vtype 'DnsName' to verify host names
    • fix bug #401: disable connection timeout during API call processing
    • add suport for new qemu-server async configuration API
    • support 'delete' flag for 'Move disk'
    • add 'Move disk' button for storage migration
    Best regards,

    Martin Maurer
    Proxmox VE project leader
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