Unable to utilize disks


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Jun 29, 2019
I'm sorry. This is probably a really stupid question. I'm doing my best to understand, but I'm really lost at the moment.

I've only just installed proxmox. I'm really excited to use it and start creating VMs (for personal use). I cloned my old ubuntu drive with clonezilla. I'm looking for my first win - booting this as a VM. I've already found how to do this (create a blank VM with enough storage, boot the clonezilla ISO as the CD drive, restore from the clonezilla backup).

However, my problem (at the moment) relates to disks. I have 2 disks connected (USB). 1 with the backup, and 1 where I want to restore the backup to. My understanding is that the one I intend to restore to should be my LVM, and the one with the existing backup would be just be available to me in the VM via USB. Both of the drives show up in Disks, however I can't seem to DO anything with them. When I try to create a Volume group, it says "No Disks unused". And then when I open the shell and run "sgdisk -N 1 /dev/sda" (sda being the blank drive which I want to restore to), This is what I get back

Exact type match not found for type code DE00; assigning type code for 'Linux filesystem'
Could not create partition 1 from 250066944 to 250069646
Error encountered; not saving changes.

I'm admittedly not great with Linux. Any help would be much appreciated. As I said, I just installed today, so I'm running the current version (5.4-3). Sorry if I didn't include any important info.
Nevermind. Figured it out myself.

Created a VM for a small linux distro with the small amount of storage I had, removed all partitions from the hard drive, re-formatted, and created partitions using gparted, and then I was able to create a Physical Volume and a Volume Group using the commands provided in the documentation.

I just am not good at working with partitions/formatting from the command line, I suppose.


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