[SOLVED] Unable to create VMs


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Jun 1, 2023
Hi All,

I'm new to virtualization, and Promox. Lately, I was having issues with a NAS device that created some issues with an instance of TrueNAS, and had to make adjustments. I may have unintentionally created some downstream issues in my tinkering. Unsure if this is the root cause in my inability to create any VMs.

When creating a a VM, the status error I get:
TASK ERROR: unable to create VM 104 - disk image '/mnt/data/images/104/vm-104-disk-0.qcow2' already exists

Any insights into my newbie mistake? Appreciate your guidance ahead of time.
create vm 105

its written tht the file 10 already exist. in the GUI you should see a VM wit the ID 104 or you deleted the VM but not the file.
Thanks for the swift response. Yes you're right I did delete the prior VMs. I tried creating a new VM with an arbitrary #, but still coming up with errors:

SK ERROR: unable to create VM 114 - mkdir /mnt/data/images/114: Input/output error at /usr/share/perl5/PVE/Storage/Plugin.pm line 847.
glad could help.
enjoy proxmox. its really a good solution, just lern more and "play" around and you will appreciate PM. if you compair to other HV Solutions, its sometimes not easy but 1. the help here is amazing 2. its fun.
Originally had this issue because the storage device was no longer available. Now, I'm getting the same issue:

TASK ERROR: unable to create VM 199 - mkdir /mnt/data/images/199: Input/output error at /usr/share/perl5/PVE/Storage/Plugin.pm line 847.

How can I debug?
Does the path exist?
Try ls -ld /mnt/data/images and
ls -l /mnt/data/images
I tried to reboot the whole Proxmox server, and now the system won't boot, just my luck.

Plugged in the monitor, and there is a dependency failure file system check /dev/disk/by-label/Storage
Local File Systems

I needed to boot in Emergency Mode. Advice on how I can recover the system now?
Post the content of the /etc/fstab /etc/pve/storage.cfg and the output of lsblk


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