Unable to connect to Portainer


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Nov 22, 2023
Hi Guys

I am very new to all this VM, and Hyperviser. So I have given this a try as I wanted to run a small wordpress site at home for journaling.

I have setup Proxmox successfully. Initially it got stuck at finding my country, but rebooting and starting the install again worked fine.

Once in Proxmox at server "", downloaded Ubuntu 22-04, setup a container.
On the networking side i just selected DHCP, and for dns, i selected "use host settings"

Started the ubuntu server, logged in as root. Then installed Docker as per this article:

All went well

Installed portainer using this article:

All was well

However unable to connect using the port "9443". I entered in the address bar:
no connection

I tried:

Nothing worked.

I typed "curl"
no problem

typed: "curl"
I got: Failed to connect to port 9443 after 0 ms: Connection refused

I even tried: curl
I got: Failed to connect to port 9443 after 0 ms: Connection refused

Trying for 2 days now. Almost giving up. I tried CE and EE versions
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when you create a vm or a container, they don't share an ip with the host system (proxmox). You can run ip -a inside your container/vm to check which ip it got from your dhcp server.
You can imagine everything you create in Proxmox as a seperate device on your network with it's own ip and everything (gross oversimplification, but for the default settings it works ;) is your PVE host. By default when you create a new container or VM in PVE they will use a bridge and be accessible on a different IP address. Just run ip a in the container or set a static IP address for the container in the network settings of the container.
OMW! You guys are amazing!

running ip a gave me the ip address as, using that worked!!!

Thank you so much!!!


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