UID/GID IDMAP Range - Higher than 655356


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Oct 15, 2019
I am trying to map a Ubuntu 18.04 LXC UID and GID which is higher than 65536. My issue is with a Synology NAS NFS permissions where a new user group GID's are higher than 65536 - outside of the default proxmox range. Unfortunately I cannot create Synology GIDs lower than 65536.

So my Synology NAS UIDs and GIDs are:

User UID 1107
Group GID 65607

I am struggling with GID 65607. Any help would be really appreciated.
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So here is the solution. I changed my user UID and GID for no specific reason other than making them easier to remember. So my Synology User UID & GID are:

User UID 1605
Group GID 65607

My fix is as follows. Now all works and all users and group permissions work with perfectly

# User media | Group medialab
echo -e "lxc.idmap: u 0 100000 1605
lxc.idmap: g 0 100000 100
lxc.idmap: u 1605 1605 1
lxc.idmap: g 100 100 1
lxc.idmap: u 1606 101606 63930
lxc.idmap: g 101 100101 65435
# Below are our Synology NAS Group GID's (i.e medialab) in range from 65604 > 65704
lxc.idmap: u 65604 65604 100
lxc.idmap: g 65604 65604 100" >> /etc/pve/lxc/container-id.conf &&
grep -qxF 'root:65604:100' /etc/subuid || echo 'root:65604:100' >> /etc/subuid &&
grep -qxF 'root:65604:100' /etc/subgid || echo 'root:65604:100' >> /etc/subgid &&
grep -qxF 'root:100:1' /etc/subgid || echo 'root:100:1' >> /etc/subgid &&
grep -qxF 'root:1605:1' /etc/subuid || echo 'root:1605:1' >> /etc/subuid


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