Trouble connecting to the Proxmox Server after the initial start-up.


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May 31, 2023
Hi there, I am new to Proxmox and networking, and currently using a Dell Poweredge R720xd system with Proxmox 7.3. I have set up Proxmox on a static port with, and it was working perfectly fine until I started using IDRAC on a separate static port with The IDRAC is on a dedicated network card, while Proxmox is connected to a separate one.

Initially, after a reboot, I could access the UI and ping the server on the static port. However, after a few minutes, the web UI stopped working, and I received an error message stating that the site can't be reached. When I tried pinging Proxmox, I got a "Destination host unreachable" message, just like when I used Proxmox to ping out.

I have searched for similar issues, but so far, I haven't found any solution.


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Hi, vmbr0 is down, hence no network connectivity. Please check the status of systemctl status networking.service and try to bring the bridge up by running ip link set vmbr0 up.

Edit: Also, NO-CARRIER might indicate that the NIC is not connected correctly. Did you install the second network interface afterwards? Maybe the interface names changed? Check via ip link show.
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Hello Chris,

I believe that NO-CARRIER is the issue. It has a different Mac Address.


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Hello Chris,

I believe that NO-CARRIER is the issue. It has a different Mac Address.
No, your issue here is that eno1 is not present anymore as you can see from the error in the systemctl status networking.service. As a matter of fact, non of the enoX links is listed in the output.
I have identified my mistake in setting up a PCI passthrough for a VM. I inadvertently passed my main NIC, which was being used by Proxmox. Upon investigation, I realized that the VM was set to delay auto-starting. This resulted in losing connection a few minutes after rebooting. To resolve the issue, I removed the PCI passthrough for that VM and created a vmbr1 with the correct NIC, which resolved the problem. Thank you!


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