Transferring Proxmox OS Drive to a Different Machine


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Dec 19, 2022
I think (hope) this is fairly cut and dry, but wanted to get some professional opinions, lest I inadvertently corrupt my Proxmox installation. I currently have a Proxmox machine with three Sata drives in RAIDZ1 (storing VMs) and a single NVMe drive within a USB enclosure serving as the Proxmox OS drive. I would like to transfer these four drives (data intact) into a new build machine, and am hoping to simply boot up and resume operations as normal. I expect that I’ll need to give Proxmox some guidance if the NIC name changes, but is it reasonable to assume that Linux will automatically adjust to the other hardware changes without much drama? Concerning the ZFS pool (of which I know very little), am I correct in thinking that the pool is assembled on some sort of drive identifiers unrelated to motherboard hardware addresses? In other words, as long as the drives are recognized by the new system, the ZFS pool should be reassembled and seen in Proxmox as though nothing changed?

Some additional info:
Homelab environment
Proxmox Version 7.3-4
Current System: Intel Ivy Bridge based
New System: Intel Alder Lake based

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Your time and advice is valued!
Just to follow up in case someone else ever has the same question and runs across this post, the move seemed to work just fine. I had to change the network adapter name in /etc/network/interfaces, but no other config changes were necessary. All hardware was recognized just fine, including the ZFS pool. I have noticed significant IO delay with the ZFS pool, but I don't know if that it is related to the hardware swap or if it was there all along and I just never noticed it before. Will probably create another post to see if anyone can provide guidance.


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