To anyone with low geekbench vm scores [resolved]


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Oct 29, 2023
After having dismal results personally with geekbench6 scores (60% VM score of node on both single and multi) on ubuntu VMs, I had tried most of the recommendations I found on proxmox forums to resolve. CPU type host, KVM 1 explicitly set, GenuineIntel processor type, over provisioning CPU, underprovisioning CPU, adding more RAM to VM in case memory swap during test, turning off sleep states (already off), updating libvirt software and settings, etc.

Nothing made a difference, not even a little dent.

Then I updated my BIOS which was 3 years out of date and left all other settings the same as before. Node score didn't improve at all, but immediately VM scores are now 90%+ of node. So, I don't think this post will be helpful for you unless you've got a Lenovo with an out of date firmware and you're using hobby equipment, but I hope this helps someone.

TL;DR: Set CPU type to host & Update your BIOS if that doesn't work. I needed to do both to achieve good results.

PS. Love proxmox. Came from ESXi, Altiris, and Citrix management in a past life. Took me all day to get the feel for some of the design choices, but learning. First day. First post.
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Thanks for sharing this. Haven't really spent a ton of time with Proxmox just yet, but running a couple Lenovo P360 Ultras in an ESXi cluster, I simply don't get the performance either that I should. On a Whim I updated my BIOS as well, and ESXi still seems to disable the hyperthreading when E Cores are enabled. Disabling the E Cores still gives me much better performance. Curious how Proxmox VMs would do if E Cores were enabled vs disabled.


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