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May 2, 2010
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How can I keep second copy of backups to an other disk. Sync job ask for pbs. I install pbs in a pve vm. And attached disk to it. I have some more disk free. So I think of keeping copy of disk in use with pbs. Or any better advise?
  1. Or should I install an other pbs on same pve not and use it for sync job? Then I need to set it to different port than 8007 if possible.
  2. Or only option is using zfs mirror raid level which I do not want to use.
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Hi, well you have several possibilities to create a copy of the backups to another disk, e.g. by zfs send / zfs recv, rsync ecc. if your intention is to simply have a copy of the datastore's contents.

I would however recommend to create a second datastore with the backing path located on a filesystem on the other available disk/pool/share. Then you can create a remote with your localhost and create a new sync job to synchronize the backups to that datastore. This approach also gives you flexibility in what you want to sync and allows you to create different garbage collection jobs and retention settings as compared to the source datastore.

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Create a second datastore using your second disk. Then create a "remote" pointing to itself using With that you can locally sync backup snapshots between two datastores.
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One more thing, using so would benefit against Ransomware Protection ? I also did not understand well Ransomware Protection in pbs.
In sections does it say it is possible that backups could be infected by ransomware. If yes, will remote sync also cause second disk to be infected also?
For proper ransomware protection you want a real second PBS server. But yes, with proper limited privileges (PVE not allowed to create or delete backup snapshots from the scond datastore) and without enabling the "removed vanished" checkbox this still might help in case your PVE gets compromised. But of cause no point when your PBS is running on the same server as your PVE.
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Second PBS is always better. It can be offsite so you don't lose your backups in case your locations burns down etc. With backups of your backups on the same machine you also risk losing both in case of a hardware failure (bad RAM, disk controller, PSU, burniung cable, ...). And if for some reason your PBS gets compromised there isn't another maybe not compromised PBS.

So to be really on the safe side you want a second offsite PBS.


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