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Sep 8, 2023
Hello, i need to create custom configuration record in storage.cfg for 3PAR storage, but i have problem with it. Every change in web UI complete rewrite this config and my custom record is gone. is there any way to solve it? thanks
Without knowing the details of what exactly you are trying to do - its impossible to offer solutions.
AFAIR 3par offered FC, iscsi and NFS/CIFS. Perhaps something else. So you really need to be more specific.

In general, though, PVE managed storage configuration is somewhat rigid and does not allow for many deviations, unless supported by the Plugin.

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iam using this plugin
its perl plugin, with drbd function through the fibre channel.
and this is storage.cfg settings:
drbd: ThreeParStorage
cpg Proxmox_r6
startvlun 5
use_compr 0
use_dedup 0
use_thin 1
user proxmox
snapshot_expiry 30d
vname_prefix prx-

because its not included in web ui, when l change somethihg with storage in web ui this was deleted and 3par disconnected..
did not know it existed
its perl plugin, with drbd function through the fibre channel.
yes, all plugins are written in Perl to match PVE requirements. This is more on a "hack" side. There is no DRBD functionality in this plugin, it pretends to be drbd (different type of storage/company) :

sub type {
# Fake the type as a compatible plugin, so that container creation works
return 'drbd';

That said, if the plugin is properly registered and the configuration is properly placed, nothing should be discarded by UI. We certainly dont have such issues with our plugin. I think you have two options:
a) document every step that leads to config loss in a repeatable way. I may be able to try this on our side with our plugin. If this is a common problem - it can be reported to PVE team in their bugzilla tracking
b) reach out to the author of plugin with your findings. Given the only person who reported this issue, you, is using unsupported 3rd party plugin, chances are its related to that.

Good luck

Blockbridge : Ultra low latency all-NVME shared storage for Proxmox -


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