Starting help needed. The right storage strategy with an Intel NUC 13 Pro?


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Oct 10, 2023
First of all, a warm hello to the round!

Every few years I get a crazy idea and have to replace technical devices and spend hours and days configuring them, actually just to annoy me and my wife. Anyway ...

I am currently using a DS 718+ from Synology (which I will sell now) in Raid1. Primarily as photo storage (the originals are on it), Capture One Pro (my photo database) works locally with smaller preview files (the original file can be accessed when exporting). Otherwise I use the NAS as data storage and installed a small Windows VM. Recently, Synology has strongly restricted access to USB hardware and in the future, since I have many Zigbee devices, I want to install Home Assistant. In addition, I have a Raspbery Pi-Zero running Unbound a Pi-Hole.

I have an Intel Nuc 13 Pro (i3-1315U) and 2x32 GB RAM. I am aware of the lack of ECC support.

But I currently don't know which SSDs to order and use in which configuration.

My backup strategy with the Synology-NAS so far:
The most important data gets a backup on a cloud (Blackblaze) and additionally on an external 2.5" HDD.

I had configured the Synology NAS as RAID1, because fast availability in case of a drive failure was important to me. I would actually like to have that again with the NUC, because I don't want to go through all the installation and configurations again.

What the NUC can do:
I can only use RAID1 on the NUC if I use the M.2 (22x42) together with the 2.5" option, both attached via SATA. There is also an NVME slot.

Can I set up Proxmos (as operating system) as RAID1 so to speak (with two simple 500 GB SSDs each, see above) and mount the NVME as large data storage (at least 4TB) where all VMs are located?

Or should I completely leave out the option with the M.2 and 2.5" SATA SSD and only install an NVME and backup it to an external disk as written above and backup the configuration files separately? So no Raid1?

A side note
Plus, the possibility of installing TrueNAS or OMV outside of a VM (I've researched that it's not supposed to install it in a VM) is something I don't want to completely take out of the question.

I am looking forward to your comments.
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