SSD wearout indication vs. SMART values

Jul 11, 2018
Helsinki - Finland
I am using a cheap Samsung EVO 860 Consumer SSD (yes, I know it's bad, this is for a testing only and I wanted to see how fast it will go down versus my other machines' Intel SSD Pro disk).

From day one the wearout indicator in pve gui has been showing 1% and it has not moved (the machine in question has been up for about 4 months now). There was also a number of unknown variables in the SMART data for the disk.

I came across this thread on Reddit: (can't post link as new in the forums, see /r/homelab and thread "Proxmox on SSD wearout".

After I updated the drivedb.h I got more known variables in the SMART display:


None of these is the 1% shown in the main disks lists, and the Wear_leveling_count is at 5 (percent?).

Is the 1% correct value for the wearout (I presume it's calculated somehow seprately from the SMART values?) or should I keep my eye on those other measurements?
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To clarify, cheap doesn't mean less quality, and the failure rate has at least to me, backblaze? They have ever used spinning disk, it seems to me in crunch you can use hardware like that?
Cheap is one thing and quality / endurance is a other thing.

I will bet on smart value ;) Also I can see you use the ssd as pmx boot/os. Because I can buy nothing out of cheap ssd mostly, I can give some tricks that I use for a even cheaper SSD(Samsung evo is much better) that I need to use in my own case:

- move anything that can be move on zfs pool(/tmp, /var/log, /.... web graphics )

good luck
No wonder that it is still 1%, because you have only written approximately 1TB and AFAIK Samsung states about 150TBW for that disk. You need to look at the normalized column, its 99 of 100 (e.g. 1% wearout), the value column is vendor specific and shouldn't be interpreted by users.
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