[Solved]Proxmox GPU installation issues


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Sep 10, 2023
First time Proxmox user and linux newbie here.


  • Motherboard: MSI z97 g55 sli
  • CPU: I5 4590k
  • GPU: nvidia gtx 1070
  • RAM: 32gb DDR3 3200
  • HDD: 512 M2

I'm trying to set up a Proxmox with VMs for Homeassistant and PLEX server (gpu passthrough).

First issue was that with my GPU installed the installation would fail just after pressing install Proxmox VE. Everything just freezes.

When removing the GPU and just using the integrated one, I can install just fine. My thought was that I can just install the GPU during all the Passthrough configurations.
So when I install the GPU after everything is installed, and then boot up, Just when Proxmox starts booting, the Ethernet port stops working.(no blinking, no pings).
They seem not to be in the same IOMMU group.

I Have tried, GPU in every pcie slot.
Tried different GPU.
Bought a pcie Ethernet card
tried removing the nvme, and installing it with the nvme connected to USB.

All with the same result, ethernet stops working when proxmox is booting.
I have been harrasing chatgbt for hours trying different stuff, but no luck


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The name of the network device is based on the PCI ID, but adding (or removing) PCI(e) devices (like a GPU) can change the PCI ID of other devices (that come after it). You need to get the new network device name with ip a and adjust the network configuration (nano /etc/interfaces/network) manually (in both places).
This is a common problem and there are other threads about the details, like complaints about why motherboards do this and how to fix the network device name manually using udev rules.
thank you! this is something I have not tried yet, gonna try it asap

Edit: This solved the issue, I'm sure I've been to forum posts about this, but not connected it to exactly my problem with the gpu, that was a lot of unnecessary time trubleshooting, but I guess I learned a lot. Thanks again!
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