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Sep 16, 2019
good morning, I wanted support to understand how to best configure ram memory on servers.
Host image: Lenovo server memory
server image: windows server memory 2016
Periodically it happens that proxmox indicates 20 GB of memory in use on the host, but only the windows server is lit with 8gb of ram.
In this way I cannot start any other vm.
on the server I installed the VITRO drivers and activated the quemu agent.
Is there a way to configure the ram in order that proxmox read the ram in use correctly instead of always seeing it all occupied?


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are you sure that it's not other processes on the host that use up the memory? So the next time it happens, could you use 'top' and inside top press 'M' (uppercase is relevant) on the host machine? Then you should see who uses the most memory.
Thanks for sharing the solution.
However in most cases it's better to write down the solution in words rather then posting an external link as websites tend to disappear.

So the solution is to install the virtio drivers, but most important the balloon driver and making sure that the balloon service is also installed and running.
More info also in https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Main_Page (assuming this link won't disappear ;) )
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The correct Wiki article is this one:


And this information has been in there for many years. Every Windows "suffered" from this memory display problem, which is really not a PVE problem, but a problem of conflicting views on "free memory". The memory is really used in your VM, but Windows shows it as free, where is is not free, it's cached. The PVE view is the correct one, so if you want the usage from within, you only close your eyes to the real memory usage.


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