So i might have killed my nic.. and basic settings help :)


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Jan 30, 2019
Hello :)

I have my prox running for about a year.. no problems..

but then i decieded to add another nvme disk to the system... but after that, my pcie nic id not working..
it lights up while booting... but as soon as prox has started up.. the light turn of on both ports of the nic...

IS there a way i can reinstall it or even check what is wrong? what loggs do i need to look into?

While i ahve this issue... i decieded to use the internal nic... it is ok for the server... but the VM´s have no internet.. here is a dump of my networks file:


and this picture, is from a random VM on my setup, using th einternal nic :


What am i doing wrong, both on the biggest issue, when the nic pcie is not working... and on the issue on the internal nic?

thank you so much :)


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Well... i got the pcie nic to work again... some how it was not set to active... and the prox is connectiong to the local network via the pcie nic..

but still, no mather what i do, none og the vm´s are getting an ip.

and on the VM´s
i tryed every setting...


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You have to add the NIC which are currently working to the vmbr setting 'bridge-ports'. Currently you have entered 'none' and this is the problem.
You have to add the NIC which are currently working to the vmbr setting 'bridge-ports'. Currently you have entered 'none' and this is the problem.
Thansk for your reply...

if i do so - add any of the nic to any og the bdridges.. the server does not come online.. for some strange reason
Do not use DHCP on vmbr use static instead and DHCP on the connected interface. As i can see you have set this on vmbr0. If you do not want to use different switch ports for different VMs, you are not need to add multiple vmbr, it's enough to set vmbr0.


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