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May 25, 2022

pmg is aborting some connections, Is there any way to have a smtp communication log?

for example:

[2023.06.15] 21:32:00.835 [99885213] RSP: 220 ESMTP Silicom GW
[2023.06.15] 21:32:00.839 [99885213] CMD: EHLO
[2023.06.15] 21:32:00.859 [99832289] RSP:
[2023.06.15] 21:32:00.859 [99832289] RSP: 250-PIPELINING
[2023.06.15] 21:32:00.859 [99832289] RSP: 250-SIZE 100000000
[2023.06.15] 21:32:00.859 [99832289] RSP: 250-VRFY
[2023.06.15] 21:32:00.859 [99832289] RSP: 250-ETRN
[2023.06.15] 21:32:00.859 [99832289] RSP: 250-STARTTLS
[2023.06.15] 21:32:00.859 [99832289] RSP: 250-ENHANCEDSTATUSCODES
[2023.06.15] 21:32:00.859 [99832289] RSP: 250-8BITMIME
[2023.06.15] 21:32:00.859 [99832289] RSP: 250-DSN
[2023.06.15] 21:32:00.859 [99832289] RSP: 250-SMTPUTF8
[2023.06.15] 21:32:00.859 [99832289] RSP: 250 CHUNKING
What does PMG write in the journal for such mails? - there will be at least one entry explaining what's happening

Just to be on the save side - PMG (actually postfix+postscreen) does work with a few delays here and there - since this can help detract some spammers - so make sure you do wait a few seconds (up to 1 minute)
Log have only this:

Jun 17 14:40:09 mgw postfix/smtpd[1781]: connect from[]
Jun 17 14:40:10 mgw postfix/smtpd[1781]: 079B88147:[]
Jun 17 14:40:17 mgw pmgpolicy[432]: starting policy database maintenance (greylist, rbl)
Jun 17 14:43:25 mgw postfix/smtpd[1759]: timeout after DATA (2279 bytes) from[]
Jun 17 14:43:25 mgw postfix/smtpd[1759]: disconnect from[] ehlo=1 mail=1 rcpt=1 data=0/1 commands=3/4
Jun 17 14:43:25 mgw postfix/cleanup[1761]: 15417809A: message-id=<004a01d9a120$cef09900$6cd1cb00$>
timeout after DATA (2279 bytes) from[]
seems the sending system ( did not finish sending the mail (during the DATA command) - either a problem with their network setup (or the network setup of your PMG) - or the software used to send the mail has a bug


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