SMART Data shows (abnormal?) high 'Total LBA written' on new SSD


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May 20, 2022
Hi at all,

I am using Proxmox at Home on some Mac mini from 2012, which handles all my stuff very well.

However, I noticed something which I need an advice from third party.
I am running with an RAID1 for Host-OS and VM Disks. For this setup I had to purchase a new SSD to satisfy the RAID1 reasonable.
Now I noticed that this new SSD shows a high value on SMART Data: Total LBA written.
While this new SSD, just purchased as use for hosting Proxmox, is 87296774.
Aside, the second SSD in this RAID1, which already was reused with other purpose, has value 44300.

In other words the new SSD has an 1900 times worse value than the pre-used SSD. So the new one is already more near to death, than the pre-used SSD.
ZFS Status shows online resp. healthy, but I think its only a matter of (short)time, until this may change.

Quiet obvious to me that this is something abnormal, but I would like to get my thinking confirmed by third party. What is your opinion?

Should I be concerned? Further testing recommended?

1st SSD: Crucial MX500 (New purchased)
2nd SSD : NINJACASE which already ran various machines.

Many thanks for taking your time in reading my request. Looking forward for answers.

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Feb 1, 2016
also check if the labeling of the smart attributes is accurate, the smart tools sometimes mislabels attributes because of some new drive model/firmware.
many vendors have some list of smart attributes for their drives somewhere, but some do not..


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May 20, 2022
Turned out to be defective flex cable from SSD to LogicBoard.
I had this cable replaced today, just out of curiosity. I had another cable laying around.

I now barely see the LBA value raising.
Unfortunately I have almost reached max. LBA written count by now, as the manual says. :( Wonderful SSD burned in days.


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