Single Disk Install Questions


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Oct 1, 2023
Hello, experts!
I'm new with Proxmox, so please excuse any dumb questions.
I have a couple of old MacMini's (Intel, 16GB, 1TB SSD) that I currently have ESXi running on, but would like to try out Proxmox. I currently run everything on a single SSD disk and need to do the same with Proxmox. Any suggestions on how to install so I can maximize my limited resources? Can I use a single partition, and what file system would you suggest?

Thank you in advance!
ZFS for data integrity but will shred consumer SSDs, requires a lot of RAM, won't be that fast and you will lose some capacity as you shouldn't fill it too much.
LVM-Thin if you just care about performance. But with the latter you need to decide how much space of that 1TB you want for system+files&folders (like backups, ISOs, Container templates, ...) and how much space for virtual disks for your VMs/LXCs.

And in case you are planning to run a cluster with all those MacMinis it gets more complex as you then probably want a shared storage or ZFS with replication.
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Thank you guys for the info!
So, it sounds like ZFS isn't a good fit since I'm very constrained on memory and using a consumer SSD. So LVM-Thin sounds like the way to go. Can I format the entire disk with LVM-Thin and not have to carve up the drive into partitions? If not, any suggestions on how to carve things up?
Thank you guys for taking the time to help!
By default PVE will use the whole disk and install 3 partitions. 1st for legacy reasons, 2nd for booting, 3rd for LVM. That LVM partition is then split into a ext4 formated LV for the system + ISO + backups + templates (and the only place you can store files) and another LV that is a thin pool that will store the virtual disks (which are thin volumes).


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