Server Dell R730xd, Proxmox 7.1 second NVMe WD_Black AN1500 not visible


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Nov 28, 2021
Hi all!
The problem is the following: the second nvme PCIe drive is not visible.
There is a Dell R730xd server in the data center.
On the server, in addition to hdd and ssd, is installed nvme PCIe drive WB_BLACK AN1500 2TB.
As a hypervisor on the server runs Proxmox 7.1 and nvme WB_BLACK AN1500 drive added to storage(works fine).
In the console, this drive is named as /dev/nvme0n1.
The second same disk nvme PCIe WB_BLACK AN1500 was installed in the server. After that, the previously installed nvme disk was named /dev/nvme1n1, and the second one, which just installed, can not find in the system.
The cli command - fdisk -l | grep "/dev/nvme" shows that there is only one disk in the system - /dev/nvme1n1 and no others, i.e. nvme0, nvme2, etc.

root@pve-d:~# root@pve-d:~# fdisk -l | grep "/dev/nvme" Partition 1 does not start on physical sector boundary. Disk /dev/nvme1n1: 1.82 TiB, 2000275111936 bytes, 3906787328 sectors /dev/nvme1n1p1 2048 3906785279 3906783232 1.8T Linux LVM root@pve-d:~#

Likewise, the nvme list command shows that there is only one disk:
root@pve-d:~# root@pve-d:~# nvme list Node SN Model Namespace Usage Format FW Rev ---------------- -------------------- ---------------------------------------- --------- -------------------------- ---------------- -------- /dev/nvme1n1 WUBT21290212 WD_BLACK AN1500 1 2.00 TB / 2.00 TB 512 B + 0 B 10271043 root@pve-d:~#

I want to understand - is it something I do not understand or am I doing wrong that I cannot initiate the second nvme disk and add it to the system? Or is it something with the disc, or was it somehow put wrong ?!

The point is that the nvme list-subsys command shows two disks.
root@pve-d:~# nvme list-subsys
nvme-subsys0 - NQN=WUBT22020257 WD_BLACK AN1500
+- nvme0 pcie 0000:03:00.0 live
nvme-subsys1 - NQN=WUBT21290212 WD_BLACK AN1500
+- nvme1 pcie 0000:82:00.0 live


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