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Discussion in 'Proxmox VE: Installation and configuration' started by Thomasprz, May 18, 2018.

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    May 18, 2018
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    Hello everybody !

    I'd like to know how could i save all my backup from my different containers on my computer , or in cloud (dropbox ) with Zip file.
    I don't find anything on internet , i don't know if it's possible or not . If it's not possible directly from Proxmox interface , how could i resolve it ?
    Thanks you so much
    PS : sorry for my english ( i'm french )

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  2. Belokan

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    Apr 27, 2016
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    To select a backup destination, you need to first configure a Storage (from Datacenter/Storage) and then assign "VZDump backup file" as valid content for this specific storage.
    You can configure a NFS or CIFS storage coming from an export filesystem on your computer for instance. Or if you have a Linux client to mount your dropbox directly on the Proxmox node, use it as "Directory" Storage.
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