Ryzen 5800H VM Performance


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Nov 2, 2023
I'm fairly new to ProxMox but not new to virtualization. I've done vmWARE and Hyper-V.
I recently upgraded my servers from streamline desktop chips to mobile chips. I have several boxes with 5800H tuned to 45W (for reduced heat and noise in home labs).

While testing OS's and Applications, I noticed they were slower than usual so I decided to throw some synthetics at them. The Host performs fine but anything on the VM level seems to be degraded by 50%. I've attempted to google the issue and tried to assign multiple cpu types including host, kvm64, qemu64, x86-64 v2/3/4 all performing the same or failing to boot.

[Environment: Single / Multi]
Hyper-V Windows Host: 2000 / 8823
ProxMox Host: 2023 / 8899
Hyper-V VM 4x4: 1937 / 5442 (3% Degradation)
ProxMox VM 4x4: 1038 / 2947 (49% Degradation)

Note: VM OS Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.

If anyone has any experience with newer Ryzen Chips or lower wattage CPUs that could fix this. Any help would be appreciated. Until then I'll continue to try to find a solution. Thanks in advance! :3
Not sure about Hyper-V, but VMware for example disables mitigations and PVE does not so you will see a loss there if you don't disable them too.

RAM and CPUs aren't overprovisioned?
Did you switch the CPU governor to something more power efficient or something like that?
Nothing over-provisioned... I have a few test boxes with nothing on them.
The VM testing is 4x Cores and 4GB of RAM.

The VE install is stock and the only VM loaded is the test one to get numbers back.
I'm not too keen on CPU Governor's. I believe the Ubuntu Grub is stock, but I'll check the Hyper-V VM to compare with the PVE VM.
Update... My Grubs are all stock (quiet splash).
I did check the bios of the box and nothing stood out. I reinstalled Hyper-V to recheck some consistencies, but now back on Proxmox. Still only getting around 50% performance.

Other things I've tried was some setups for the Ryzen 3000/5000 Series in other forums/threads, but still no joy.
I meant to ask if there's been known issues with Graphics Chips (like the 3XXXG / 5XXXG as this may fall in line with those).


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