Restore backup to rebuilt node


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Jul 21, 2023
Hello I need to rebuild proxmox on one of my servers cause I messed it up while I was messing around with it.

I am trying to figure out if it is possible to easily migrate the rebuilt node to get the the backup from the broken node.

Thanks, it is just one VM btw.
this depends on where the backups are stored. Are they still on the broken node? It should be enough to copy your backup files over to the new host, placing them under /var/lib/vz/dump, and you should see them in the WebUI under the local storage. If you used PBS, simply readd the PBS datastore and restore the backups.
I am using PBS so it dosent care that the node has been rebuilt as long as it has same ip?
When using PBS it is enough to re-add the PBS storage via Datacenter > Storage > Add, putting in the same credentials and datastore as before.

Once the storage is available in the node tree view, you can select the Backups Panel and restore the VM to a target storage of you choosing.

I am using PBS so it dosent care that the node has been rebuilt as long as it has same ip?
I am not sure I fully understand your question, can you elaborate in more detail what you mean. That the nodes IP address changed (or not) should not matter to the PBS host, as long as you are in the same subnet and/or did not setup a firewall to block traffic from other IPs.

Depending on your network setup, a change in IP address of the PVE host might change the way you have to access your VMs. E.g. if you setup NAT with port forwarding, then you might have to use the new IP address.


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