Restarting existing VMs and joining the existing cluster after reinstallation of VMs


May 5, 2022
I am running a Proxmox VE cluster of 3 nodes. All of them are running with Proxmox VE 7.4 edition. All of the nodes are running ceph. All of the nodes are running at least a VM that runs over Ceph. Additionally, some node is running VM over directory and ZFS pool-based storages. The complete picture is like below:

1. PVE-node1: 1 VM on Ceph, 1 VM on ZFS pool, 1VM on directory-based storage
2. PVE-node2: 1 VM on ceph
3: PVE-node3: 1 VM on ceph, 1 VM on ZFS pool

Now, my PVE-node1 got crashed as the OS drive got corrupted and had to reinstall the same version of Proxmox to a new drive. I have the backup of /etc/pve of PVE-Node1 as I take a complete backup of the same from all the nodes (PVE-node1, 2 and 3) whenever there is a change. Like Creation, modification, and deletion of any VMs.

My questions are as follows:

1. How do I join the PVE-node1 (Reinstalled proxmox) to the existing cluster?
2. How do I reconfigure/restart all the previously configured VMs that were running on Ceph, ZFS pool (Local) and directory-based storage (Local) on PVE-node1?

What I found in the several articles on the Proxmox forum is as follows:

1) Guides for restoring a VM from the crashed Proxmox node after reinstallation. But the node is not a member of a cluster.
2) Guides for joining an existing cluster after reinstallation of Proxmox node. But not addressing the restoration of the existing VMs.

In my case, I am facing both the situation at once.

Please guide. I need the node to be joined in the existing cluster. As well as reviving the existing VMs.

Anybody from the proxmox community member? Can anyone please guide? Its a very important and crucial incident that anybody may encounter at any point in time.
In case, you are not already aware of:
If you need guaranteed support, there exists the possibility to get subscriptions: [1] (at least "basic") for all the nodes in the cluster and then to open a support ticket.

The cluster I am currently running is not in production, rather is a development environment. There is no point in purchasing a support subscription just to get this question answered.


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