Rescue shell?


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Jul 13, 2018
My system currently doesn't boot and I need some kind of access to a shell.

I tried proxmox iso with rescue option but that didn't work (can't remember the exact error but it has been reported before) .
If i try an ubuntu live iso i still can't seem to mount the ZFS folder.
I think my disk just got full and I need to delete some files.

Ok that works, easy, thanks
So I can just delete something from the subvols?
ahhh I need some help here...
Ok I restored a VM from backup, disk got full , proxmox doesn't boot.

I booted to the live environment , zpool import but not too sure what to do next....I can see only the LXC containers...
how can I see the vms?
Plan is to just delete it.
ok /devv/zvol/rool....ummm
but now what?
I suspect vm 113 is the one that i can how can I mount it and confirm?
also how do I delete it....
zfs list shows you the space you use and what you have available

NAME USED AVAIL REFER MOUNTPOINT rpool/ROOT 16.1G 290G 192K none rpool/ROOT/bookworm 235M 290G 235M /mnt/ rpool/ROOT/ubuntu_50zezv 15.9G 290G 9.01G / rpool/ROOT/ubuntu_50zezv/opt 532M 290G 532M /opt rpool/ROOT/ubuntu_50zezv/srv 272K 290G 192K /srv rpool/ROOT/ubuntu_50zezv/usr 13.8M 290G 192K /usr rpool/ROOT/ubuntu_50zezv/usr/local 13.6M 290G 13.4M /usr/local rpool/ROOT/ubuntu_50zezv/var 4.94G 290G 192K /var

Do you use snapshots? You will neot gain free space if yo delete data but still have a snapshot of the data

Do zfs list -t snapshot to show them

To delete use zfs destroy like dignus said


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