[SOLVED] Replace bad rpool zfs mirror disk


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Apr 13, 2021
I had a disk in a ZFS mirrored rpool go bad. I put the new disk in (USB Key), did:
  • sgdisk <good_rpool_disk> -R <new_rpool_disk>
  • sgdisk -G <new_rpool_disk_>
  • zpool replace rpool <bad_disk> <new_rpool_disk-3>
  • proxmox-boot-tool format <new_rpool_disk-2>
  • proxmox-boot-tool init <new_rpool_disk-2>
The init fails with
root@pveprod:~# proxmox-boot-tool init /dev/disk/by-uuid/7777-9AF7
Re-executing '/usr/sbin/proxmox-boot-tool' in new private mount namespace..
UUID="7777-9AF7" SIZE="536870912" FSTYPE="vfat" PARTTYPE="c12a7328-f81f-11d2-ba4b-00a0c93ec93b" PKNAME="sdf" MOUNTPOINT=""
Mounting '/dev/disk/by-uuid/7777-9AF7' on '/var/tmp/espmounts/7777-9AF7'.
Installing systemd-boot..
Copied "/usr/lib/systemd/boot/efi/systemd-bootx64.efi" to "/var/tmp/espmounts/7777-9AF7/EFI/systemd/systemd-bootx64.efi".
Copied "/usr/lib/systemd/boot/efi/systemd-bootx64.efi" to "/var/tmp/espmounts/7777-9AF7/EFI/BOOT/BOOTX64.EFI".
Random seed file /var/tmp/espmounts/7777-9AF7/loader/random-seed successfully written (512 bytes).
Failed to write 'LoaderSystemToken' EFI variable: Invalid argument

I found this post , it was about install not rebuild a mirror, and I have no idea after reading it what the fix was. Any ideas here

Stoiko Ivanov

Proxmox Staff Member
Staff member
May 2, 2018
The issue seems the same as in the post you linked

If an upgrade of the system's Firmware does not help currently your only option is to edit /usr/sbin/proxmox-boot-tool and add `--graceful` to the bootctl invocation in line 156
the issue should be fixed in one of the next versions of pve-kernel-helper - see https://bugzilla.proxmox.com/show_bug.cgi?id=3729

I hope this helps!


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Apr 13, 2021
Thx for the clarification. The bios is at its latest level. The system is an lga2011, manufacture will not be doing any more update AFAIK. Will make the change and try again.
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